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Air Pegasus Shoes
Perfectly Engineered Long Distance Running Shoes

Long distance runners can find their perfect pair in the Air Pegasus Shoes series from Nike.

The series consists of a lot of shoes that are continuously improved with every new edition that comes along. Originally introduced back in 1984, the shoe series was designed to be a durable training shoe, but through the years, the shoe has become more flexible and versatile.

The shoe is a great long-distance companion for neutral runners with normal to high arches.

And of course, the shoes are even more popular due to its very reasonable price.

The Recipe for Success of the Air Pegasus Shoes

The recipe of success of the Air Pegasus consists of several important things :

  • The Air Pegasus sole
  • Maximum midsole protection
  • Long lasting Nike Pegasus support

1.The Special Air Pegasus Sole

The secret behind the success of the Nike Air Pegasus Shoes is the special sole of the shoes.The sole is made of sturdy rubber designed in a waffle-like pattern.

This is not just a randomly selected design; the waffle pattern of the sole is specifically designed to improve grip and surface adaptability for trail and off-road running.

Aside from that, the 2007 edition of the Air Pegasus features special flex grooves. These grooves are customized to assist in the foot’s natural movement and are considered significant additions due to their beneficial effects on the performance of the runner.

Air Pegasus Shoes2. Maximum Midsole Cushioning

The Nike Pegasus shoes from Nike also feature excellent cushioning, especially in the midsole area.

The Phylon midsole of the shoes are built for superior shock absorption. The construction features a full-length airbag added for additional protection for the foot and long-lasting durability. Aside from the airbag, there is an extra layer of rubber and foam. This shoes that the midsole in indeed amply cushioned, which makes this an ideal choice for those looking for cushioned shoes.

3. Pegasus - A Durable Running Shoes

These shoes are also more durable than most other long-distance running shoes available in the market.

It also comes with a carbon rubber outsole that further strengthens the shoe. Although the cushioning eventually suffers due to frequent, longtime usage, the shoe remains to have durability above the average expected from a trainer.

On top of that, the shoes come with thin foam insoles engineered with a footbridge arch and a mold especially contoured to retain the feet’s neutral positioning and avoid unnecessary motion. Finally, the shoe also uses breathable mesh for extra comfort.

Great Add-ons for Air Pegasus Shoes

Users of the Air Pegasus shoes delight in the benefits of the series to their performance as well as its long lasting nature that saves them money and effort in buying new shoes.

But aside from that, they can also use some optional features with their shoes such as the Nike+ sensor. The Air Pegasus shoes are compatible with the Nike+ features. The sensor is available where Nike shoes are being sold. These sensors can further enhance your performance with the use of accelerometers that track the runner’s speed. The accelerometers will then transmit the data to the runner’s iPod.

This high-technology additional feature provides an additional incentive for iPod users.

Air Pegasus Shoes Meet Runners’ Standards

The Air Pegasus shoes from Nike get great scores in various criteria that are valuable to runners.

In terms of comfort and fit, the shoe gets a perfect score. With a fit that’s susceptible for neutral to high-arched runners, the shoe is indeed well-loved among a lot of runners.

The price is also a great feature, and the shoe can even be bought more cheaply if you are willing to look for a sale. The shoe is also available in men’s shoes and women’s shoes. The only downside is that the shoe is a bit heavier than is ideal especially for the purpose that it serves as a long distance shoe.

But on the whole, this shoe is one worthy of holding the Nike brand.

This has been proven continuously especially by the loyal users of the Air Pegasus shoes.

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