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Nike Zoom Rival
Running Shoes and the Sprint Spike Technology

The Nike Zoom Rival is one of Nike’s top running shoes designed with great speed in mind.

For runners who are after speed, a shoe’s weight and responsiveness is very important.

It is crucial that the shoes readily respond to the movement of a runner’s feet, and that’s exactly what this shoe does.

This makes the shoe an excellent performance track shoe. The concept from which it is born is taken partially from the earlier Nike Zoom Superfly. Also known as the Nike Zoom Rival S IV sprint spike, this is one product that runners around the world unquestionably appreciate.

The sprint spike technology is a unique innovation started by Nike, and it has proven to be one of the most effective performance boosting enhancements that Nike has come up with so far.

The Nike Zoom Rival Formula for Success

The Nike Zoom Rival S IV is one of the best known running shoes created by Nike. A few things to point out

  • Full length Zoom Rival outsole
  • Interchangeable spike materials
  • Nike EVA shock protection
1. Zoom Rival Full-Length Outsole of Rubber

The great performance of the entry-level Nike Zoom Rival is enhanced by the full-length outsole made of rubber. The rubber outsole improves traction and is very durable.

This means that the shoe is one enduring shoe, no matter how far you take it. The shoe also has a nylon spike plate, which is very crucial because it allows the shoe to adapt easily to any kind of surface.

Nike Zoom Rival2 Spike Material

There are seven spikes in all to do this job, and there are two interchangeable featured spike materials, namely steel cleats or TPU cleats, to help fit your needs.

The spikes themselves are removable to add extra versatility to your shoe. In addition, the shoe also uses an open sandwich mesh that provides ample ventilation.

The forefoot is also well-supported by internal panels for better performance. It also has a synthetic upper that weighs practically nothing at all. The upper also comes with a power strap over the forefoot, which helps the shoe provide supporting power to the runner coming from the spike plate.

3. Nike EVA material

As for the midsole, it is created using EVA material, which is a well-known lightweight and flexible material commonly used for midsole cushioning.

The beauty of the EVA material is that it also absorbs shock well, thus providing protection for the foot. And for a more solid, unfailing protection and support for the foot, the shoe uses a sound lacing system that ensures a snug fit.

The lacing system is also hidden to give the shoe a great, clean look from the outside. Looking at all these features, it is clear that this shoe is a great invention and can only come from Nike.

Why You Will Love the Nike Zoom Rival S IV

Wearers of the Nike Zoom Rival S IV praise the shoe for its light weight, top speed, comfortable and snug fit, sufficient ventilation, as well as great surface traction.

The shoe has been reviewed as great for short to middle distance running as well as outdoor track runs.

Depending on the reviewer, this shoe can be considered one of the most supportive running shoes due to the sprint spikes, but for those who are more concerned with cushioning will not find much from this product. Nike markets the product as a track and field shoe with a really light sprint spike that fits the needs of high school athletes, so it might not be a perfect fit for other more serious runners.

But this does not change the fact that this shoe uses yet another inspired technology that only the makers of the legendary Shox shoes can provide.

For those who finds the sprint spike feature very helpful, they can choose from a wide variety of color schemes and

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