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Nike Shox R5 Running Shoes
The Secret Ingredient of Your Success

The Nike Shox R5 is one of the top-rated products under the Nike Shox running shoe series. Amazingly engineered for the competitive athlete, the shoe is one of Nike’s masterpieces.

It is actually the fruit of almost sixteen years of research and studies, which is evident in its impressive stack of features that come straight from Nike Labs.

For years, the shoe was kept top secret due to the new innovations that went into its production.

And when it was introduced in the year 2000, the Shox R5 from Nike marked the coming of the new millennium with its advanced technologies and exceptional quality.

The Science behind the Nike Shox R5

The Nike Shox R5 is a series of shoes designed for various sports.

Running and Racing Shoe

The Shox R5 comes in three varieties, the Shox R5 Basketball Shox, Cross Training Shox, and finally, the Running Shox. The Running Shox R5 is a celebrated product in the world of running and racing.

It is also the bestselling and the most welcomed representative among the three Shox R5 shoes because its science is especially suited for runners.

Impact Absorption and Performance Boosters

It is best known for its impact absorption and performance boosters. The shoe is not called a Shox for nothing.

It absorbs the shock caused by the strong impact every time you take a powerful step. This makes it a great shoe especially for runners who need additional cushioning and shock attenuation, especially around the heel area.

Nike Shox R5 Shox Control

But shock absorption is not only what this product is about. It sure does far more than that. The Nike Shox uses the science of kinetic energy and potential energy.

Once the Shox absorbs the energy that comes from the heel of every footfall, it sends off the heel with even more energy to boost the runner’s foot forward.

A stronger thrust for a faster, more powerful run – that’s the secret ingredient that the Shox R5 from Nike adds to every runner’s performance.

What made this shoe stand out is that it provides an even stronger push forward than the legendary Air Max shoe series.

The Ingredients to the Nike Shox R5’s Success

The Nike Shox R5 is capable of all that it promises with the help of its secret ingredients.

The one-of-a-kind breakthrough running shoe uses special super high-density polyurethane foam columns as shock absorbers. The columns are hollow inside for a bouncier boost.

Aside from that, the shoe is equipped with a TPU heel counter. This plays a very crucial role in how the shoe boosts a runner’s performance and speed.

The special heel counter equally distributes the energy caused by the impact of the footfall to make sure that the runner goes on a fast, stable run toward victory.

Why Love the Nike Shox R5

There are many things to love about the Nike Shox R5. It is backed by exact running science to give it the performance boosting abilities that it has.

But aside from that, the shoe series also offer a list of other benefits for runners worldwide looking for their perfect running pair. The Shox R5 running shoes from Nike are available in a wide variety of colors and styles.

Every runner will surely find what he is looking for amongst these exciting and vibrant colors. The shoe also features great upgrades in comparison with

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