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The Nike Shox Turbo is one of the most popular shoe series in the Nike Shox collection. This shoe series has already given birth to a large array of athletic shoes featuring the special breakthrough Nike Shox cushioning technology. The distinct appeal of the Nike Shox Turbo collection is its unique futuristic design elements, which give the regular Nike Shox shoes a unique touch that easily attracts a lot of athletes.

But it’s not just the attractive look of the Shox Turbo shoes that capture the interest of many athletic enthusiasts; it’s the entire package. And here are some of the features that add up to the special package that is the Shox Turbo athletic shoes from Nike.

What Makes Nike Shox Turbo So Special?

Special features of a Nike Shox Turbo include:

  • Nike Shox Heel Cushioning Technology
  • Geometric Deflection Pods in Outsole
  • Breathable and Durable Upper
  • Nike+ Technology

1. Nike Shox Heel Cushioning Technology

The primary technology behind the success of the Shox Turbo line is the Nike Shox cushioning technology, which, in this particular line, is found in the heel portion of the shoe. The Nike Shox heel cushioning unit is made up of individual columns that offers great cushioning and shock protection. The Shox columns at the heel area absorb the impact from your every step so your feet don’t have to catch the impact and suffer the brunt. This also slows down impact loading to prevent or lessen the chances of impact-related injuries occurring.

And of course, as part of the Shox athletic shoe collection, the Turbo’s Shox technology offers an extremely responsive ride. As your feet presses down on the heel, the hollow Shox columns at the heel are pushed down, and that same energy is then rebounded right back. This pushes the runner forward strongly, and adds an extra boost to your performance.

If you are looking for speed and cushioning, then the Nike Shox Turbo offers both of these in one sleek package.

nike shox turbo2. Geometric Deflection Pods in Outsole

The Nike Shox Turbo shoes are equipped with full-length highly durable BRS 1000 rubber outsole material. This special material can withstand the challenges of the road and the impact of your run. The outsole is also equipped with a waffle pattern and special geometric deflection pods that help the shoe achieve excellent traction with the ground. This can even greatly enhance your performance, completing the varied benefits of the entire Nike Shox Turbo package. It also ensures you get good stability even on various terrains.

3. Breathable and Durable Upper

The upper of the Shox Turbo shoes are made from mesh material and synthetic overlays. The overlays are made stitch-less to prevent irritation and abrasion. Such high-quality materials offer breathability and durability, while also ensuring a great, snug fit. The synthetic overlays also play a great role in ensuring that the foot stays locked down while you run, therefore also contributing to the runner’s stability.

4. Nike+ Technology

The Shox Turbo shoes are already Nike+ enabled so you can use it to get feedback about your performance instantly through your iPod nano and a Nike+ Sport Kit. By enabling the Nike+ technology, you can get instant feedback about how you are performing. Serious runners will definitely appreciate this special feature because they can keep track of their performance in real time.

Top Nike Shox Turbo Shoes

The collection of Nike Shox Turbo shoes is especially engineered for the runner looking for speed, protection, and a forceful momentum while you run. If you are interested in a pair of Shox Turbo shoes from Nike, here are some of the top models you should check out.

First, check out the latest Shox Turbo+ 9 from Nike. This shoe has all the important features enumerated above, plus a Phylon midsole and forefoot cushioning unit that provides a well-cushioned, smooth ride plus extra responsiveness to keep you going step after step.

You can also check out the Nike Shox Turbo SL, which is great for use in road running and also in cross training. The Shox Turbo+ VII was also a highly popular edition, and so is the Shox Turbo+ LAF or Lance Armstrong Foundation edition, which features a unique and striking design.

Whatever edition you check out and choose, you can rest assured that as long as the shoe belongs to the Nike Shox line and the Turbo series, yo can expect great quality and a great enhancement in your performance.

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