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Lightweight Running Shoes
To Help You Run Like A Breeze

Lightweight running shoes are the type of running shoes that a lot of runners the world over look for. These ultra light shoes are sought after by runners of different foot types, and they are also ideal for almost all types of running. Most runners find the lightweight shoes as integral to their success because the shoes, without the bulk and weight, do not tire their feet out so they are more able to run at top performance even for high mileage running. Despite all the difference with cushioning, stability, and control, runners do have one thing in common: they all appreciate lightweight running shoes.

There are a lot of ultra lightweight running shoes that stand out in the market. Top brands try their best to come up with almost weightless technologies to topple the competition. If you’re the type of runner seeking lightweight shoes, here are some of the best models to check out.

Lightweight Running Shoes

  • lightweight running shoesAsics Gel Nimbus
  • Nike Air Zoom Vomero
  • Nike LunarGlide


  • Asics Gel Nimbus

Made in various widths and color schemes, the Asics Gel Nimbus is a surprisingly lightweight shoe. The shoe is an Asics cushioning and stability representative. Although it has to combine features geared for cushioning and stability, the shoe does not pack up the weight. Its main stability features are the Impact Guidance System and the new Guidance Line, which are both geared towards guiding the foot smoothly through its natural transition. And for cushioning, the Gel Nimbus uses Asics famous gel-based cushioning system supported by a layer of Solyte cushioning in the forefoot. The women’s version also comes with 3 extra millimeters in height.

Despite all these features, Asics successfully trimmed down the weight of the shoe, making it one of the best, most feature-filled lightweight running shoes.

  • Nike Air Zoom Vomero


The Nike Air Zoom Vomero is another one of the lightweight running shoes you wouldn’t expect to be as light as it is. The Air Zoom Vomero shoe series from Nike boasts of a very protective, very luxurious cushioning thanks to the full-length responsive and cushy midsole, the Nike Zoom units in the heel and forefoot, and a gender-specific crash pad and sockliner. But it does not compromise your stability, thanks to the Dynamic Fit arch-strap for just the right support.

Most of the features updated in the latest version of the Nike Air Zoom Vomero are made gender-specific to provide a better fit for both men and women. Aside from all these, Nike also enhanced the lacing system and stretch mesh panels to make the shoe more snug but more comfortable. The same flex grooves and traction patterns are also still there.

All these features surely add up to some weight, but Nike makes sure that the Air Zoom Vomero maintains its reputation as one of the lightweight running shoes.

  • Nike LunarGlide


The Nike LunarGlide is an ultra-lightweight running shoe that hits the right spot between cushioning and stability. Due to its lightness, it is a highly recommended shoe for daily distance training. Its being lightweight does not get in the way of its providing top-tier cushioning and effective support systems. The top technologies employed is the Dynamic Support system located in the midsole that helps the shoe’s fit adapt to the stride of the runner for all-around comfort and reliable support. As for cushioning, the shoe comes with a bouncy cushioning material for excellent energy rebound, and supported by a wedge of form near the back of the midsole for some pronation control.

Other features include the deep flex grooves and waffle pattern for good traction and a natural grip on the ground. When the shoe came out, Runner’s World greeted it with a Best Debut award.

Lightweight Running Shoes: The Question of Quality

Lightweight shoes do not reflect the quality of the shoes. Some runners mistakenly think that light shoes are not good for heavy duty running. Quite the contrary, in fact. Although plenty of cushioning, heavy duty materials, and effective motion control systems seem to need to be heavy, running shoe brands have ingeniously come up with technologies and materials to keep shoes lightweight even when they come with excellent cushioning or motion control and durable, long-lasting materials.



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