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Womens Walking Shoes
Meeting the Walking Woman's Special Needs

Womens Walking Shoes have to meet a lot of requirements because women have special needs. Walking shoes can be used for various purposes; some women may take up walking as a form of exercise, while some may use walking shoes for traveling. Walking shoes can also be used for trail walking, and several other purposes such as race and speed walking. For this reasons, comfort and durability are usually the first factors you should look for when choosing womens walking shoes. And to top that off, women tend to be more concerned about the aesthetics of a shoe than men, so walking shoes for female users should also have an appealing design that women can easily pair with their outfits.

Aside from that, walking shoes for women should also fit the unique characteristics of the female feet. Female feet have a distinct shape, and each female’s feet also have varying characteristics. There are female with flat feet, feet with high arches, or feet with moderate arches. Each different female requires a different type of walking shoe. Flat-footed women should buy walking shoes with a bit of motion control, much like running shoes. Women with high arches should choose cushioned walking shoes as well.

If you are planning to buy walking shoes, it is quite a good investment to make, provided that you make a careful comparison of the various products around and choose your walking shoes carefully. If you are overwhelmed by the large array of options available to you, here are some of your best possible picks.

Best 4 Womens Walking Shoes

women's walking shoes The best womens walking shoes are:

  • Women’s Asics Gel-Motion
  • Saucony Women’s Grid Omni Walker
  • New Balance 845 Womens Walking Shoes
  • Women’s Nike Air Miler Walk+

1. Women’s Asics Gel-Motion Walking Shoes

The Asics Gel-Motion walking shoe for women has all the important and the latest technologies that a walking shoe for the modern female walker should have. First, it has Asics’ popular Impact Guidance System or I.G.S., with guides the foot as it goes from heel strike to toe off for an optimized stride. It also has a PHF or Personal Heel Fit that cradles the rear foot and adapts to the shape of your feel with its Memory foam lined heel collar.

It also features the classic Gel cushioning system of Asics which helps reduces shock in the important impact areas without being susceptible to normal wear and tear that usually affect most foam-based cushioning. Light, protective, and durable, the Gel-Motion will definitely keep you moving.

2. Saucony Women’s Grid Omni Walker

Geared with top patented technologies from Saucony, the Saucony Grid Omni Walker for women is a technology-based and biomechanically efficient shoe that’s designed to provide excellent cushioning and the proper support where needed. It has an especially engineered asymmetrical sole that’s designed to fit the biomechanical structure of your feet. It also guides your feet in the critical transition phrase with its Walk Trac treaded outsole and a Visible Rearfoot Grid system made up of Hytrel filaments. And for cushioning and protection, it features an SRC crash pad that provides good shock attenuation especially for the heel and midfoot areas.

3. New Balance 845

The New Balance 845 is New Balance’s ultimate walking shoe. For support, it offers a special Rollbar TPU medial and lateral post that minimizes foot stride errors. For cushioning, it is backed by New Balance’s ABZORB FL NBs, an advanced midsole material with just the right compression properties supported by high-quality materials DuPont Engage and Isoprene rubber. For the right blend of flexibility and stability, it features the special Walking Strike Path outsole.

4. Women’s Nike Air Miler Walk+

Sleek, clean, and simple, the Nike Air Miler Walk+ is a no-nonsense walking shoe that women can easily match with any outfit to be ready for any walking challenge. The Nike Air Miler Wall’s overall offer is good stability and a clean-cut design that every walking shoe should have, combined with the comfort and the foot biomechanics technologies of running shoes. With a Stroebel construction and a compression-molded EVA midsole material and carbon rubber outsole, the Air Miler Walk+ is one of the most reliable women’s walking shoes around.

Why the Need for Good Women’s Walking Shoes

The right pair of women’s walking shoes can spell the difference between getting injured and strained during your walks or having a great walking experience and a boost in your performance. Good walking shoes can support you in every stride you take, easing up the stress and pressure your feet experiences. The right walking shoe also provides ample protection from impact and injuries. This is why buying women’s walking shoes should not just be about picking a shoe that fits your shoe size and your taste or preference. You need to choose a shoe that fits your shoe type and a pair that offers comfort and protection.

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