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Out to buy new running shoes? Do you know that running shoes comes with life spans beyond which they are no longer fit to be used? You cannot use your running shoes for as long as they still hold together. When your shoes get too old and are already worn out, this can increase the risk of you getting into accidents and suffering injuries while running. This is because running on old shoes increases the stress and shock received by the foot each time you land; over time, the shock absorption ability of the shoe gets compromised. This is usually the first to go since the midsole bears the brunt in running. And since the midsole offers the cushioning as well as the support for the foot’s transition, worn out shoes with worn out midsole means you have no support nor cushioning anymore. That is indeed a recipe for disaster while on the road.

Problems with worn out midsoles can usually be felt when you run. This is usually the first sign that you already need to buy new running shoes. Wear usually begins with minor creasing; the more wrinkles there are, the closer you get to the end of your running shoe’s glory. If you already feel that it’s time to purchase a new pair, well, you’re in luck since this year brought a lot of great new offers in the market of running shoes.

Buy New Running Shoes: New Models to Check Out

  • buy new running shoesNike Air Pegasus 26
  • Asics Gel Cumulus 12
  • New Balance 1064

1. Nike Air Pegasus

The Nike Air Pegasus is one of Nike’s most reliable shoe series. For 25 long and successful years, it has provided runners with a good option when it comes to a shoe that perfectly combines cushioning and support and packages it along with an excellent fit and feel. The overall package of the Nike Air Pegasus has created a legend, and the latest incarnation of this legend is the Nike Air Pegasus 26.

The 26th model of the Nike Air Pegasus comes with new strategically positioned overlays and an enhanced upper to provide a better and more natural stride. Special overlays in the forefoot are also used to improve the control provided by the shoe, but Nike made sure this will not constrict the toes from expanding and breathing while you run. The men’s edition of the Nike Air Pegasus 26 also comes with a special shaped heel pocket to keep the foot steady.

2. Asics Gel Cumulus 12

If you are an Asics fan and you want another Asics when you buy new running shoes, the Asics Gel Cumulus 12 is definitely a great update. The shoe is now said to offer one of the softest road running experiences you’re ever going to have in your life. But despite being soft, the Asics Gel Cumulus 12 keeps runners steady and makes sure the foot transitions smoothly from landing to takeoff.

Enhanced features of the 12th version of the Asics Gel Cumulus include the decoupled heel and forefoot tooling, the gender-specific Forefoot Cushioning, an ehanced Gel cushioning system, a full-length Solyte midsole material, and dual PHF in the rearfoot and lower collar areas.

3. New Balance 1064

The New Balance 1064 is the update to the New Balance 1063, which is one of the world’s most popular running shoes. The 1064 has taken the throne from the 1063 as the ultimate cushioning shoe offered by New Balance. The shoe boasts of its Abzorb FL midsole technolgy, Ndurance heel crash pad, N-ergy responsive heel cushioning, and blown rubber outsole for complete, all-around cushioning. And for support, the shoe proudly offers the Stability Web midsole, the Sure Lace lacing system, and forefoot flex grooves. When combined, the result is one of the best options you have when you’re out to buy new running shoes this year.

When’s the Best Time to Buy New Running Shoes?

So the big question, aside from which new running shoes to buy, is when to buy new running shoes? When does your old shoe become unfit to run in? The common recommendation is that you buy a new pair after your current pair has gone over 350 to 550 miles, 350 for runners who are heavier and those who run on harsher conditions, and 550 for lighter runners who run on smoother surfaces.

This means you have to track the mileage of your shoe to determine when it is time to finally get yourself a new pair. Also, aside from tracking the mileage, since some running shoes go before their time, it would be best to keep constant track of how your shoes look and feel. Regularly check if there are major signs of wear already especially on the midsole and outsole because you might need to buy new running shoes already.

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