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Waterproof Running Shoes
Running Shoes for the Wet Seasons

Waterproof running shoes are available for those who like to run even when the weather turns wet. These shoes are useful because they can help you keep your running form even during the wet season. And since they are specifically built for that purpose, they can keep your feet safe and dry. They don’t just prevent water from soaking into the shoe; they also ensure you are perfectly comfortable during your run. They come with special design factors that make running on wet ground easier. Serious runners who run for a living are in need of these moisture-wicking shoes the most, but even running aficionados like you may find good use for these shoes.

Waterproof running shoes tend to have similar features. First, there’s the moisture-resistant materials used in the overall construction of the shoe; these materials dry easily so you can use it every single rainy day without having to dry it for too long. Then the shoes should also have water-resistant upper. The shoe should also have  a non-slip outsole that allows you to get a good grip on the ground even when it’s wet. Most of these shoes can also be used to run even in snow.

If you need running shoes that can withstand the wet seasons, here are your best options.

Waterproof Running Shoes to Keep You Safe, Comfortable, and Dry All Season

  • waterproof running shoesNike Air Pegasus GTX
  • Brooks Adrenaline ASR
  • Asics GT 2150


1. Nike Air Pegasus GTX

The waterproof running shoes with the most effective water-resisting construction and the best set of running shoe technologies is the Nike Air Pegasus GTX. GTX stands for Gore-Tex, the special breathable and durable waterproof material used as the main material that makes up the shoe. This shoe, even as a waterproof offer, is focused on performance comfort. And even though the shoe is quite secure against water, it still allows the foot to breathe freely with its mesh upper.

The Nike Air Pegasus GTX meets all the standard requirements of waterproof running shoes. You can choose from the trail outsole or the waffle-pattern outsole depending on your use of the shoe, but both options provide good traction with even wet surfaces. The outsole is also made of recyclable materials so you even contribute to the environment in the process.

2. Brooks Adrenaline ASR

Another moisture-wicking shoe is the Brooks Adrenaline ASR. If the Brooks Adrenaline GTS is the go-to road running shoe, the Brooks Adrenaline ASR is the ultimate trail running shoe that’s built to take on any kind of weather with its effective Element Air Mesh lining, which manages moisture to prevent it from causing discomfort or bad odor inside the shoe. It also uses a water-resistant type of hydrophobic foam.

The moisture-wicking features do not take attention away from your need of support and cushioning. So Brooks Adrenaline ASR also offers the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar, dual-density DRB Accel, rearfoot and forefoot HydroFlow, and full-length BioMoGo cushioning.

3. Asics GT 2150

You can also check out the Asics GT 2150 trail version, Asics waterproof running shoes. This trail running shoes comes in both men’s and women’s editions. The GT 2150 is known for its stability, and this same stability is retained even in the trail version. The difference is that the materials are made durable and the upper material is now water-resistant. Traction even in wet and icy surfaces is also improved.

Don’t Have Waterproof Running Shoes? Learn How to Properly Dry Shoes

If you already have a running shoes and can’t buy a waterproof pair yet, make sure you know how to properly dry your regular running shoes. Your shoe may look so clean and smell so nice after a nice wash. But the way you dry your shoes may cancel out the cleaning you’ve done, so be sure to dry them properly. Do not let them dry out on sunlight and do not blow dry it with hot air. Best way is to place the shoes near a radiator or any other heating device with some newspaper stuffed into it. The newspaper will absorb the moisture inside the shoe. Leave it for around twelve hours to be sure. If you are a frequent runner and you don’t want to spend that much time drying your shoes, better get yourself waterproof running shoes instead. 

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