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Types of New Balance Running Shoes
The Shoes Designed for Winners

The different types of New Balance running shoes can meet the varying needs of different runners. New Balance has always stood out. Their shoes have always been known as American-made running shoes since a lot of its competitors are not. They were also the pioneer brand that offered running shoes in different widths and running shoes especially for women. Although the brand also has pretty mean technologies, their main focus is the durability and substance of their shoes, especially the soles, which are specifically designed with high-mileage long-distance running in mind.

New Balance has been around since the early 1900s, but it has not always been the same successful running shoe manufacturer. It used to be just a manufacturer of foot and arch support products. It only evolved into a running shoe manufacturer in 1970. The company is still based in Boston like it originally was.

New Balance has categorized its shoes into the following category.

The Different Types of New Balance Running Shoes to Choose From

  • types of new balance running shoesNeutral Cushioning
  • Stability and Motion Control
  • Training Shoes
  • Racing Shoes
  • Trail and Off Road Running Shoes


1. Neutral Cushioning

New Balance has a different way of categorizing shoes based on foot type. Instead of offering the usual fare, New Balance tries to hit the in-between needs, so it produces not just cushioning shoes but neutral cushioning. These are cushioning shoes that also come with enough support.

The neutral cushioning shoes are the types of New Balance running shoes that started the company’s rise to fame, and it remains as the company’s specialty up until now.

2. Stability and Motion Control

To meet the needs of runners who need more than just a little support and some corrective action against pronation, New Balance offers a wide variety of motion control and stability shoes. These are two different sub-categories under the supportive New Balance shoes. Motion control shoes are for extreme overpronators while stability shoes are for mild overpronators. Some well-known models are the New Balance 587 for motion control and New Balance 993 for stability.

3. Training Shoes

New Balance also specializes in shoes that are built for trainings. Trainings are vigorous running activities; you need a shoe that’s built to keep up with you no matter how hard you train. But since it is only training and the biggest challenge is yet to come, you need a shoe that will keep your feet comfortable and well-protected for when the big performance comes. What you need are the types of New Balance running shoes made specifically for use in trainings. Some models include the NB 1123 and NB 1225.

4. Racing Shoes

New Balance also has a whole category dedicated to the more competitive athletes who like to run towards victory. And for them to do this, New Balance has created racing shoes. Racing shoes are designed to maximize the runner’s speed. Some of the shoes also come with spikes; some are ultra light. The spiked shoes are made for longer distances and for sprints, while the lighter models are great for 5K and marathon running. Check out the bestselling NB 769 for racing shoes from New Balance.

5. Trail and Off Road Running Shoes

New Balance also considers the needs of the rougher, more adventurous type of runners. In fact, it was one of the pioneers of trail running shoes. They have some trail running shoe models that now dominate the market. Their trail running shoes feature NB’s best in cushioning and control, much like what are found in its regular shoes, the difference being that the trail and off road running shoes have especially designed uppers and soles.

Check out the NB 910 or the NB 572 for these types of running shoes.

The New Balance 1064 – The Winning Types of New Balance Running Shoes

One of the most popular types of running shoes ever created by New Balance is the NB 1063, which has now been updated to the 1064. This even more popular update is now considered as the company’s premium offer in neutral cushioning. It comes with an amazing list of technologies, starting with the trademark NB cushioning technology: the Abzorb FL midsole cushioning technology  that offers good shock protection and responsiveness. Other technologies employed are the Stability Web Midsole, the N-ergy Heel, the Ndurance crash pad, the Sure Lace lacing system, the Abzorb full strobel board, and blown rubber forefoot, among others. These types of New Balance running shoes are definitely the types winners go for.

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