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To select running shoes properly, you have to consider a lot of factors first. Runners have different foot types, and this determines the type of running shoes that would work best for you. If you have a flat foot, you are prone to overpronation, which is the excessive inwards rolling movement of the foot. Overpronation is likely to cause serious injuries in runners so shoes that help control the excessive rolling of the foot would be helpful.

If you, on the other hand, have a high arch, the exact opposite occurs. You experience underpronation, in which the foot rolls towards the opposite direction and it does not completely touch the ground. The only part that do touch the ground is the area adjacent to the arch, so most of the impact each time your foot lands is felt in those areas. Your foot will definitely experience a lot of stress in such a situation, so you need to get shoes that will help absorb and distribute the impact throughout the foot.

But this does not always cover everything. There are runners with unique foot types and needs; some runners experience something in between overpronation and underpronation. The perfect formula for such runners is the combination of stability and cushioning.

Select Running Shoes Best in Cushioning and Stability

  • select running shoesNike LunarGlide
  • Nike Air Max Moto
  • Mizuno Wave Rider

1. Nike LunarGlide

The Nike LunarGlide must be the most lightweight two-in-one running shoes around. It’s two-in-one because it offers both stability and cushioning. The distance training runner shoes is perfect for those who select running shoes with a mix of support and impact protection.

For support, the Nike LunarGlide relies on the Dynamic Support System found in the midsole of the shoe. This system allows the shoe to adapt to the runner’s natural foot strike and supports it without constricting motion.

For cushioning, the Nike LunarGlide uses LunarLite cushioning that offers a shock absorber that also responds with maximum energy to every step you take. The heel is also fitted with rubber outsole to give it more endurance even when you use it for your long trainings.

2. Nike Air Max Moto

Nike just seems to enjoy meeting the special needs of runners. With the Air Max Moto, Nike once again strikes it with runners who select running shoes with both cushioning and stability. The shoe works great for mild overpronators and mild underpronators as well, so this is a pretty useful shoe in the market. The Nike Air Max Moto offers a well-cushioned ride with plenty of support where it is needed. And for those who are especially choosy about shoes, the Air Max Moto comes with a spacious toebox but a snug fit in the midfoot and the heel area, which is important to provide maximum comfort to the runner.

For cushioning, the Nike Air Max Moto uses a thick Duralon pad in the forefoot, a Zoom unit in the forefoot, and a Max Air unit in the heel area. For additional shock protection, the shoe also comes with a full-length Cushlon midsole.

For support, the Air Max Moto comes with a special Fitsole sockliner that fits your foot shape just right to give you a customized fit and better overall support.

3. Mizuno Wave Rider

If you still can’t select running shoes with the perfect combination of stability and cushioning, then you can also check out Mizuno Wave Rider. This neutral running shoe uses responsive and lightweight cushioning offered by an AP midsole, a VS-1 heel shock absorbing compound, and the Engineered Composite Parallel Wave for maximum shock absorption. But in spite of the generous cushioning, running remains stable thanks to the shoe’s wave plate that helps keep the foot on the right track.

Running on the Mizuno Wave Rider is also very comfortable as it comes with an Intercool system that keeps the foot cool and relaxed and with a larger toebox with a very good heel fit. As a special treat, the Mizuno Wave Rider is especially helpful for runners with bunions because of its tried and tested comfort features.

Why Select Running Shoes Designed for Neutral Runners

Although it may be difficult to find running shoes with just the right mix of cushioning and stability, it is definitely worth the effort of searching to be running in shoes that are really designed for you. Neutral runners will find too much cushioning too cushy and unstable, and too much motion control too rigid. Both instances will compromise both their performance and their safety. So as a neutral runner, you should select running shoes that offers the best of both worlds.

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