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Mens Walking Shoes
Choosing the Right Walkers

Mens Walking Shoes may seem common and easy to shop for. After all, how could you go wrong? All you have to do is find a comfortable shoe that also looks good. However, in truth, buying men’s walking shoes is more than just that. It also requires careful consideration of several factors that will determine the overall experience you get from wearing it.

In buying men’s walking shoes, it is important to look for a flexible option. To test flexibility, check whether you are able to easily bend the shoe when you take a step. The bending motion must also come naturally with every stride so your feet do not have to exert extra pressure for the shoes to bend and twist.

Aside from that, you also have to consider the heel. Shoes that are great for walking should not be padded too high. Even if it has some cushioning, it should be relatively closer to the ground to ensure comfort while walking.

If you want to make the right choice, then you should check out these great athletic shoes that make great walkers.

The Best Mens Walking Shoes Options

men's walking shoes The best mens walking shoes available are:

  • Brooks Addiction Walker
  • New Balance 559 Walking Shoe
  • Saucony Men’s Shadow 6000
  • Asics Gel Foundation Walker

1. Brooks Addiction Walker

The Brooks Addiction Walker is an excellently designed walking shoe that comes with several support and cushioning features such as the HydroFlow technology in the heel and forefoot, a full-length MoGo midsole, and an extended PDRB. It also has a slip-resistant outsole that can face any type of weather. Coming in a simple design that can be easily paired with any outfit, the Addiction from Brooks can actually make you addicted to wearing it.

2. New Balance 559 Walking Shoe

New Balance offers the widest collection of walking shoes in the industry. One of the best walkers from New Balance is the New Balance 559. The 559 walker is light but well-cushioned. It is an extremely comfortable walking shoe that can help you maximize your walks by getting your foot worries out of the way. It offers a snug and comfortable upper and padded collar that minimizes irritation. It also has a cushy insole and a moisture-resistant lining to ensure comfort and health. The sole is also treaded to provide good traction.

The New Balance 559’s simple and clear cut design shows no indication of the top-of-line technologies New Balance factored into its production. The 559 comes with an ABZORB heel for effective cushioning, a durable injection-molded EVA insole, and a design that supports your feet’s natural walking strike.

3. Saucony Men’s Shadow 6000

The Saucony Men’s Shadow 6000 is the classic Saucony offering, featuring the excellent fit and feel that Saucony shoes have come to be associated with. Designed to walk with you for many miles, the Shadow 6000 will make like your shadow and won’t leave you hanging. Its asymmetrical sole is biomechanically engineered to support foot function and movement. Other great and unique features from Saucony in the Shadow 6000 include the Achilles Flex Notch, the removable Sockliner with Ionic design, a highly durable XT-600 carbon rubber outsole, and a Stytherm heel counter.

4. Asics Gel Foundation Walker

The perfect balance of stability and cushioning, the Gel Foundation walker from Asics is an excellent walking shoe option for men who need just the right level of support and comfort. Reviewed as very comfy, the Gel Foundation walker is equipped with a PHF or Personal Heel Fit which ensures step-in comfort, plus a DuoMax Support System so that your feet naturally glide through heel strike to toe off. And to offer added protection, this great walker from Asics comes with a shock absorbent SpEVA midsole.

Mens Best Walking Shoes vs. Running Shoes

There are specific men’s walking shoes around, as well as some running shoes that double as walking shoes. A lot of people prefer to wear running shoes for walking; there is nothing wrong with this. In fact, in most cases, it is considered to be the right choice. Running shoes tend to have more advanced technical features in them than walking shoes, so you get more of what you really need. Running shoes, unlike walkers, also provide specialized support and cushioning designed for neutral runners, overpronators, and underpronators. This way, you get a better walking experience than what walkers can provide.

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