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New Balance trainers are highly recommended because they are exceptionally more durable and are designed to withstand rigorous trainings that take you miles and miles. There are a few special tweaks made to ordinary running shoes to make them suitable for trainings. Not all New Balance running shoes are fitted for this special purpose, but there are quite a number.

Training is not all about running, but about fitness. You have to train your entire body to withstand the tough experience of running that you would have to deal with when you run. While training, you will run, jog, and do various exercises. You may need to do lateral or linear exercises, and some specialized activities such as kickboxing or aerobics may also be involved. Some runners use regular running shoes for training; or worse, some use racing shoes for their training, which is wrong since racing (or the actual performance) is an entirely different activity from training.

This means you also need shoes especially built with training in mind.

Your Best Options in New Balance Trainers

  • new balance trainersNew Balance 1064 - Cushioning
  • New Balance 587 – Motion Control
  • New Balance 1225 - Stability


1. New Balance 1064 - Cushioning

The New Balance 1064 is known as the premium neutral cushioned trainer in the family of New Balance trainers. New Balance considers the 1064 a masterpiece; it was the much anticipated update to the world-famous 1063, after all. The New Balance 1064 has an unbelievable string of features that seem to just go on and on. Cushioning is emphasized in the midsole area to provide maximum protection to that specific impact area. The heel is also especially geared with the N-ergy Heel cushioning system and Ndurance heel crash pad since heel protection is another must for trainers.

The outsole is made of blown rubber so the shoe is particularly lightweight that it won’t tire you out in trainings. This means you’ll still have all the energy you have for your actual run. And if you want to train till night, the 360-degrees reflectivity upper can help keep you safe. 

2. New Balance 587 – Motion Control

The New Balance 587 is another member of the family of New Balance trainers. The shoe has always been a beloved training shoe, but it is specifically targeted to those who overpronate because of its additional motion control features. The shoe once again protects the impact area in the midsole with its C-Cap midsole and ABZORB cushioning. The ABZORB cushioning system is placed strategically in the heel and the forefoot as well.

But to provide enough support as well, the New Balance 587 also comes with an ENCAP midsole support system and the PDRB Rollbar medial post to help correct overpronation. And to ensure comfort all throughout your long practices, the shoe also comes with a highly breathable upper. New Balance also made this trainer extra durable so it can keep up with all your training activities.

3. New Balance 1225 - Stability

The New Balance 1225 is the one with the best stability feature among all New Balance trainers available. The shoe boasts of its unique Stabilicore medial support system. It is best for the runners who need moderate to extreme stability with the right level of supportive cushioning. The cushioning is provided by the Abzorb FL midsole in the midsole impact area and the full-length Abzorb Strobel board to protect the rest of the feet as well. The outsole is made of the highly durable Ndurance material to make it resist wear and tear even if you take your training to rougher grounds.

Identifying New Balance Trainers

The New Balance family of running shoes is quite big, so it can get a bit confusing when you’re choosing your New Balance trainers. There are some guidelines, however, so you can find the right shoe for your training. First, training shoes need cushioning that is focused on specific areas of the foot. These areas are those that take quite a beating in repeated exercises, unlike regular running shoes that have full-length cushioning.

Second, training shoes should always have a good combination of cushioning and support. Since you have to be able to easily move from running to other exercises, a little support wouldn’t hurt so your foot won’t feel strained. It is also important that the heel is extra supportive. New Balance has perfected the art of creating such shoes with their family of New Balance trainers.

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