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Brooks Beast
A Beast on the Road

The Brooks Beast has always been one of Brooks’ biggest prides in the motion control shoe category. It has always been a reliable go-to shoes of runners who experience severe overpronation. Overpronation can be a huge problem, and though there are a lot of shoes in this particular category, most of the shoes do not provide sufficient control and even those that claim to provide such are sometimes prone to slips. But in running and in motion control, there is a high chance for slips to turn into major injuries.

***spot1d.shtml*** In order to be fully protected from such a circumstance, you need shoes that you can rely on for maximum support. And that’s exactly what Brooks Beast is. For years, Brooks has been extremely proud of the assured pronation control incorporated into the Beast. It is now on its 10th edition but still currently holds its title as the top motion control shoe in Brooks’ collection.

Reasons Why Brooks Beast is a Success

Reasons for the success of Brooks Beast are:

  • Progressive Diagonal Rollbar
  • MoGo Midsole Cushioning
  • HydroFlow Cushioning
  • X-STATIC Sockliner
  • Mesh and Leather Upper

1. Progressive Diagonal Rollbar

One of the secrets to the success of Brooks Beast as a motion control shoe is its excellent pronation control feature, the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar. The PDRB is an important motion control feature. It involves a dual density post that is biomechanically structured and strategically positioned so as to allow the feet to move naturally through the midstance transition. This will help keep you steady and fight motion as you take each step forward. 

2. MoGo Midsole Cushioning

brooks beastThe Brooks Beast also provides excellent cushioning in the midsole area thanks to its MoGo compound, the material used in the midsole area. This special cushioning material adds a cushy and soft feel to the shoe but it does not affect your foot’s stability at all.

The MoGo midsole cushioning in the 10th edition of Beast offers 40% more cushioning than before, and 22% greater return of energy. This all add up to 33% less strain and fatigue for you as you run. This can help you greatly with your high mileage runs. The MoGo midsole in the Beast 10 is full-length to make sure your entire foot gets the necessary coverage.

3. HydroFlow Cushioning

The Beast also features a special HydroFlow cushioning technology, which involves dynamic viscous fluids that can be found at the heel and the forefoot areas. These create a cushioned feel for the impact areas in the foot. The special cushioning system also absorbs shock to keep the feet protected and comfortable without affecting your stability.

Aside from that, the HydroFlow cushioning is also a unique cushioning material. Unlike ordinary foam, it does not easily get affected by normal wear and tear. This ensures that the cushioning will stay strong and protective even after you’ve worn the shoe for a long time. The added durability makes the Brooks Beast a classic favorite among runners. And when the shoe, as any running shoe, will eventually get worn out, you can always trust Brooks to come up with an even better, improved version of their ultimate go-to motion control shoe.

4. X-STATIC Sockliner

Finally, there’s the X-STATIC, which is also called the Silver Fiber. This special material used in the lining creates a thermally balanced foot bedding to cushion your feet and fit around it snugly and comfortably. Runners who have experienced running on the Brooks Beast usually come back for more of its great fit thanks to the special sockliner material.

5. Mesh and Leather Upper

The upper of Brooks Beast is made with a mesh material for breathability, then paired with a synthetic leather trim that adds style as well as substance. It looks good but also feels good and is very durable.

Who Needs the Brooks Beast?

The Beast is considered as the number 1 motion control shoe from Brooks and is a contender in the race for the real number 1 motion control shoe in the cross-brand race. This is great for runners who need high levels of motion control or who experience severe overpronation. If overpronation is a big problem for you and no other shoe seems to work, then you can always turn to Brooks Beast and find the maximum control you’ve been looking for.

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