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Brooks Addiction 7
Motion Control Meets Comfort and Stability

The Brooks Addiction 7 is the most popular shoe in the Addiction series. The Addiction series from Brooks is one of the greatest motion control shoe lines around, but its best bet is the 7th edition, which is, quite simply, the best motion control shoe.

This is also an undisputed bestseller that has so far met several runners’ pronation control needs. And of course, every runner who experiences the great running experience made possible by the Brooks Addiction 7, they immediately become loyal customers.

The Addiction 7 is available in both men’s and women’s versions to meet the pronation control needs of as many runners as possible. All runners with pronation problems should give this shoe a chance and experience the best run they never would have imagined possible.

What to Like about Brooks Addiction 7

Some of the best features of Brooks Addiction 7 are:

  • What Brooks Addicion 7 Does Best
  • Maintaining Comfort
  • Protecting Feet

1. What Brooks Addiction 7 Does Best

On top of anything else, the Brooks Addiction 7 is a motion control shoe. Motion control shoes are needed by runners with flat feet. Flat-footed runners are vulnerable to overpronation, which refers to excessive rolling of the feet while running. This additional movement is unnatural and tends to cause problems for runners. With the Addiction 7, which is specifically devised to correct pronation, runners with flat feet don’t have to worry about hindrances to their maximum performance and about meeting injuries.

The shoe uses special Progressive Diagonal Rollbar to control the foot as a way to avoid pronation. But even as the shoe prevents pronation, it does not sacrifice the other important things in a running shoe.

Brooks Addiction 72. Maintaining Comfort

The Brooks Addiction 7 manages to provide the best running experience possibly not only because it corrects pronation but also because it does not underestimate the importance of so many other factors that affect the quality of a running shoe. The shoe does not focus all its energies on correcting pronation, but also pays attention to the comfort and fit of the shoe. Some running shoes overdo the motion control aspect a little, resulting in very rigid and very uncomfortable shoes.

Runners’ feet has a natural movement that helps in enhancing performance, so running shoes should also control pronation but still provide enough space for the foot to perform its best. This is one of the many reasons of the Addiction 7; it maintains a great fit that feels comfortable and responsive when you have it on. Despite the pronation control, the shoe has a very soft forefoot area that provides excellent comfort and shock protection.

3. Protecting Feet

The Addiction 7 from Brooks also provides HydroFlow ST-XL cushioning, a special Brooks cushioning system that involves cushioning in the heel and the forefoot. The cushioning works in many ways. First, it provides a comfortable feel for runners and allows their feet to sink into the cushion and bounce back. Aside from that, the cushioning system also absorbs shock and protects the feet from impact. The shock absorption feature is important to make sure that your feet are safe and strong enough to keep going.

But that’s not all. This cushioning technology also enhances your performance by giving you a stronger thrust forward. The cushioning system helps add bounce to your every step, pumping you up for more speed and running strength. This is also supported by the full-length S-257 midsole, which is exclusive for Brooks shoes. This midsole material is a key part of your every step. And for a more solid construction and shock protection, the shoe uses HPR high-density carbon rubber as material for the outsole. This material has been proven to increase traction to help in your performance, and it also makes the outsole, and thus, the shoe itself, more durable.

Brooks Addiction 7 Review: The Secret to Its Success

The previous Addiction running shoes are excellent motion control shoes. But the Brooks Addiction 7 surpassed its predecessors, and trampled over its competitors in the process, by combining motion control with comfort, stability, and shock protection.

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