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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 7
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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 7 The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 7 is a shoe that does not disappoint.

This is one of the most popular shoes produced by Brooks. Following the Adrenaline GTS 6 and followed by the GTS 8, the 7th edition was crucial to the success of the series.

It was created in the tradition of creating shoes that follow the feet’s natural movement.

The shoe’s design also considered the role of releasing endorphins to boost a runner’s performance, which was actually an inspiration for the name given to the shoe.

But the most important aspect about the shoe is its rigid support, which you will immediately notice at the sides of the shoe.

This support wins over a very specific segment of the runner’s market, particularly those who need a little help in controlling the rolling of their feet while they run, a movement technically known among runners as pronation.

That is what the Adrenaline GTS 7 from Brooks was designed to battle, and that is what it defeats.

The Genius of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 7

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS 6 was a key element in the genius production of the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 7.

Excellent Fit For Extra Comfort

The 7th shoe was created with the excellent fit that the 6 was well-known for.

It comes in a general medium fit to fit a wide range of runners’ feet. But the shoe provides additional comfort with its newly added full-length MoGo midsole for ample cushioning.

The MoGo technology was a breakthrough midsole material created by Brooks as part of their ongoing mission to create shoes that provide a perfect run for runners.

Extreme Durability and Forefoot/Heel Support

The material is highly responsible, very light, and is also very durable. The heel and the forefoot areas are also padded with durable and protective HydroFlow cushioning, a special Brooks technology.

This means that while the shoe provides a very sturdy support for the sides of the feet, you will still feel like you’re walking or running on clouds with the especially cushion-soft soles.

Extra Shock Protection

In addition, the outsole uses carbon rubber for extra shock protection and durability.

These materials also provide for high traction. The shoe also uses the special Progressive Diagonal Rollbar, making it a great shoe for moderate pronators.

It also makes use of the S 257 Cushsole to keep your feet healthy and in perfect shape even as you go far.

The uppers are made of microfiber air mesh for ultra breathability to keep your feet cool and comfortable. It also has an internal support saddle to add extra stability.

And to make the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 7 even better, it comes with the special DRB Accel technology, another proprietary system of Brooks.

Excellent Ratings for the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 7

Most reviewers who were given the task of reviewing the Adrenaline GTS 7 cannot help but be won over by the shoe’s excellent mix of features and technologies.

Though a bit over at the expensive side, the shoe provides a good value, especially for runners who need comfortable support.

The shoe is also a bit heavy, but provides a far greater level of shock absorption than what would have been the norm.

Overall, this may not be the perfect shoe in every way, but it sure is perfect for certain runners. The price is also found to be well worth paying given the longevity of the shoe.

That’s why a lot of serious runners who know exactly what they need from their shoes find this shoe a really great product.

To be more specific, the shoe will perfectly fit the needs of runners with a little more pronation tendency than normal.

On the whole, reviewers and users alike gave the Adrenaline GTS 7 from Brooks an average rating of around 3.8 out of a perfect 5.

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