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Brooks Ariel
The Motion Control Leader from Brooks

The Brooks Ariel has often been described as the “salvation” of a ton of runners who stand by the great qualities of the shoe. The number of runners who take the Ariel with them for their runs is continuously increasing. This can all be credited to the perfect balance of cushioning and support that Brooks Ariel easily offers as if it’s an everyday feature. This perfect balance has remained elusive for a lot of running shoe models, but the Ariel achieves exactly the correct combination that runners with need for both comfort and control are looking for.

***spot1d.shtml*** The Brooks Ariel stands out with the help of some important features that make it the great package that it is. Here are some of the best features of Ariel.

Best Features of Brooks Ariel

Features of Brooks Ariel include:

  • MoGo Midsole Cushioning
  • HydroFlow Heel and Forefoot Cushioning Technology
  • Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar
  • Mesh and Synthetic Leather Upper

1. MoGo Midsole Cushioning

One of the most sought after features included in the Ariel package is its MoGo midsole cushioning. The cushioning provided by this breakthrough and unique material is responsive and highly durable, providing a springy step even for high mileage runs. The cushioning of the midsole is a new addition to the latest Ariel edition. A lot of runners have remarked that even with long term use, the cushioning of the MoGo technology is able to retain that great comfortable first feeling when the shoe is initially worn.

The MoGo material is different from the other cushioning materials used by Brooks. It is considered softer and lighter than the Substance 257 cushioning material, and is known for its resiliency. Even as you take on the long miles, that same cushioned feel will stay with you.

brooks arielOne other benefit of the MoGo midsole is that it allows more responsiveness in that the shoe can easily adapt to your feet the more you use your Ariel. Instead of the quality getting a reduction as time goes by and the shoes get strained from your runs, the Ariel just keeps getting better and the fit continuously improves in the overall feeling.

2. HydroFlow Heel and Forefoot Cushioning Technology

The heel and forefoot requires added cushioning and protection because these two parts of the foot experience the heaviest stress of all due to the impact of heel strikes and toe offs. To ensure that such stress is avoided, the heel and forefoot are cushioned using the special HydroFlow ST-XL technology. This cushioning technology is effective, helpful, comfortable, but still supportive enough so as not to make your run a cushy ride.

3. Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar

While other motion control shoes from Brooks are equipped with the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar, the one found in Brooks Ariel is an extended version. This special maximum support feature involves the use of two medial posts that support the feet as you run. This means your feet will stay in place and any unnecessary movements are eliminated.

To be more specific, the shoe features a diagonal roll bar Accel midfoot arch shank control that helps keep the foot’s torsion at the midfoot portion under control. For eight years, the Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar has helped Brooks Ariel remain on top of the list of motion control shoes.

4. Mesh and Synthetic Leather Upper

The Brooks Ariel’s upper is made from mesh material for breathability and synthetic leather for durability and comfort. This adds to the overall comfort you get out of the shoe. Motion control shoes can be extremely tough on the feet sometimes, especially depending on the quality of the shoe. Sometimes, your feet may feel suffocated or restricted a little too much. In such cases, a mesh material was used for the upper to ensure that the feet are kept in a hygienic foot environment. In addition, the smooth synthetic leather is considered a plus for its comfort, durability, and great style.

Who Needs Brooks Ariel?

Brooks Ariel is not just for any runner, as it is one of the models that are made specifically for certain special needs. The Ariel is designed as a motion control shoe, so neutral and underpronators will have problems with it regardless of how well it had been constructed. Thus, the Brooks Ariel is most beneficial for runners who experience severe overpronators or those who have low-arched to flat feet.

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