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Brooks Glycerine 6
The Ultimate Running Shoes for Pronators

Brooks Glycerine 6 The Brooks Glycerine 6 can send you off to your best performance yet with its enhanced cushioning comfort.

The Glycerine shoes have always been a great shoe for overpronators.

But now, with the 6th model, the Glycerine line of shoes takes control to a whole new level.

Even better than the resilient and cushioned Glycerine 5, this shoe definitely takes the center stage.

The problem of the mild overpronator finds solution in this remarkable cushioned shoe.

Pronators will experience the run that they’ve always dreamed of, thanks to the remarkable cushioning offered by this shoe. Aside from that, the shoe provides performance support during the crucial times in your run.

Best of all, the Glycerine 6 from Brooks is made amazingly durable with the use of fine-quality materials that Brooks is well-known for.

Brooks Technologies in the Brooks Glycerine 6

The technologies that were incorporated into the Glycerine 6 from Brooks are top-of-the-line advancements pioneered by Brooks’ team of scientists and biomechanics experts.

Leading the way, the HydroFlow ST-XL technology, which uses silicon-based fluid-filled chambers for cushioning, provides an extra thrust forward to enhance the runner’s speed and force.

Midsole Support

Working in conjunction with strategically placed flex grooves, the fluid in the chamber bounces right back to the central chamber after it experiences pressure from your heel strike.

And once you set off on your toe, the fluid’s force will support yours and send you on a faster run. Aside from the HydroFlow system, the shoe also employs two layers of full-length MoGo midsole as well as in the heel.

The MoGo is a special midsole material invented by Brooks.

This material is highly durable, most especially when compared to other more common midsole materials.

Arch Stability

Also, the shoe makes use of double density DRB Accel thermoplastic urethane arch shanks which work to enhance the midfoot’s torsion.

The thermoplastic material in the heel also helps provide added stabile to the foot.

This is supplemental to the stability provided by the Cush-Pod system, which ensures that the feet retain a balanced position especially during the crucial period from heel strike and toe off.

Also, the shoe has very durable mesh uppers supported by microfiber overlays. The uppers are made of a blend of synthetic leather and polyester for a lightweight feel.

They are also breathable and quick-drying to keep moisture at bay. The shoe’s Ortholite foam insoles are removable and easily washable for easy maintenance and prevention of odor.

S-257 Cushsole Material

For more durability, the heel of the shoe is made of high-density carbon rubber and the forefoot of blown rubber.

The midsole is also lined with an insole board made of S-257 Cushsole material, which is both durable and flexible. The outsole is also made of HPR Plus, which is highly resistant to abrasions and wear and tear.

What to Like and Not to Like About Brooks Glycerine 6

It is clear that this shoe provides a very specific and focused value, which makes it a great choice for certain runners, most especially pronators, with specific needs.

Both male and female pronators will greatly benefit from this shoe. Both men and women can also choose from the wide variety of colorways designed specifically for men and women.

Actual buyers and users of the Brooks Glycerine 6 have listed down what they like best about the Brooks Glycerine 6, which includes good traction, superior cushioning, comfort, ventilation, and its light weight.

The shoe has also been highly recommended by users for track and trail running.

Some users remarked on the shoe’s somewhat bulky appearance, but most buyers are willing to overlook this fact and focus on the more important and more significant performance boosting benefits of the shoe.

If you are a pronator and are looking for a cushioning shoe that won’t disappoint, you’ll find your perfect pair in the Brooks Glycerine 6.

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