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Brooks Addiction
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The Brooks Addiction is one of Brooks’ best known shoes. Brooks is undoubtedly a respected brand in the world of running, and they have one upped their competitors with the Addiction running shoes, which are geared for those facing problems with overpronation.

Runners with a tendency for overpronation would surely be able to tell you what a big impact the Brooks Addiction shoe has made on their running experiences.

The Brooks Addiction shoes fall under the pronation or motion control category. It is known for its ability to correct pronation problems using strategically designed technologies born of various pronation correction studies. One too many overpronators have a great love for this great shoe from Brooks.

***spot1d.shtml*** But despite its dominance in the motion control category, this shoe promises a lot more to runners aside from pronation control. It also offers a smooth ride and sufficient protective cushioning. The engineering of the Addiction is very specific; it was built to perform just as you do.

The Brooks Addiction Running Shoes Technology

Some of the best features of the Brooks Addiction technology are:

  • Top-of-the-Line Brook Addiction Pronation Control
  • Cushioning and Comfort
  • Stability and Brooks Shoe Traction

1. Top-of-the-Line Brooks Addiction Pronation Control

The first and foremost function of the Addiction shoes is motion control.

After all, the shoe was designed with overpronators in mind. Brooks has created a special technology for pronation control, the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar or (PDRB). This patented technology works by controlling the degree of pronation.

Brooks AddictionThis allows for a more powerful and effective stride not hampered by any unnecessary movement.This will also help decrease your shoe’s tendency to overpronate, which is quite common among flat-footed runners or low-arched ones. The later models of this shoe even feature an extended PDRB for a stronger effect.

This shoe is designed specifically to give you your best running performance and can handle even severe pronation problems. Pronation can cause a lot of disadvantages to runners, and can even lead to injury. If you have the Brooks Addiction on, you will surely be motivated to keep on going, and you can rest assured that the shoe will do its work on its own to keep you safe.

The best part is, you can even go faster without fear of getting into trouble because of overpronation. So if you have flat feet or low arches, this is one shoe that you should consider.

2. Cushioning and Comfort

To make sure that your feet remain comfortable even as your feet’s pronation is controlled, the shoe also offers the HydroFlow cushioning units.

These are highly durable shock absorbent units placed in the forefoot and the rearfoot. The midsole is also protected by a full-length S-257 midsole. The S-257 midsole is engineered to reduce breakdown by a rate of 15%. It also helps give you extra energy with every stride thanks to its strong energy return. The Brooks Addiction 8, however, is packed with the MoGo cushioning, a soft cushioning system that is also highly durable.

And to keep you perfectly comfortable, the shoe uses air mesh uppers for breathability and a perfect fit.

3. Stability and Traction

This shoe also provides excellent stability. Not only will your pronation be controlled; you will also experience a smooth ride that can only be possible with good traction and surface reaction. This is made possible by the Addiction’s HPR rubber outsole that provides excellent ground traction. Inside your shoe, on the other hand, the Linear Platform also helps keep you sturdy and even as you go from mile to mile.

Brooks Addiction Review: Made for Your Needs

The Brooks Addiction is no doubt the winner of the top prize when it comes to running shoes that help solve pronation problems for a lot of runners.

The large population of overpronators are done suffering the effects of their foot type. Now, they can enjoy running without limits with this excellent product from Brooks.

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