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Mizuno Wave Creation

by Greg Brand - Fitness Trainer

Mizuno Wave Creation 10 Mens running shoes

Mizuno Wave Creation 10 Mens running shoes

Mizuno Wave Creation 10 running shoes is my overall top shoes. Mizuno running shoes that uses the Mizuno wave technology is a design that makes use of the wave plate. It is a Mizuno cushioning technology that distributes the force of the landing impact all throughout the running foot gear. This is said to create a resistance against compression in the midsole high pressure areas. While running, the impact of the body weight which applies excessive pressure disperses in a larger portion. Hence, the Wave creates a cushioning technology in the Mizuno running shoes with exceptional efficiency. The Wave technology maintains lightness expected in high performance running shoes.

Mizuno Wave Creation 10 Mens Running Shoes make use of air mesh for its upper material to maintain a ventilated condition that provides comfort and airiness. The outsoles are made of carbon rubber which Mizuno patented as the X10 material because it is unique in its ability to withstand longer wear even if subjected to frequent heel strikes and high impact. In addition, its traction ability provides optimum gripping effects.

A pair of Mizuno running shoes is impeccably lined with the AP Midsole technology for cushioning. It has a lightweight feel and treats the feet of the runner with an accommodating type of cushioning. The resiliency seems to respond to the need of the feet for comfort for every landing impact of the feet to the shoes. It blends well with the Mizuno wave technology since the wave plate tend to disperse the force of the impact across a larger area, hence the cushioning technology of the AP Midsole becomes more responsive.

Total shock absorption achieved produces a smooth transition in running strides.

The overall effect of all technology combined creates the trade mark Mizuno SmoothRide. It is where all elements that can make a running performance exceptional, are combined using different Mizuno shoe technologies. The breathable mesh that provides an airy feel provides a good support to the wave plate when it does its shock absorption distribution. All these were used to create a structure that provides the runner comfort and agility while running. In fact, the outsoles are durable enough to withstand friction and traction and can deal with high impact at the same time provide exact stability.

Mizuno Wave Creation 10 Mens Running Shoes - My Review

Most users were initially unaccustomed to the feel of the wave plate since it felt like plastic to their feet. However, as their running performances went into full effect, they realized the comfort that the said plastic was making. It provided great absorption against landing impacts that most users are satisfied with. The fact that they no longer feel anymore of the bad back and bad knee aftermath of their running routines, make Mizuno Wave Creation 10 Mens Running Shoes the best for them.

A lot of people were glad to find sold at a discount Mizuno Wave Creation 10 Mens Running Shoes. The shoes were actually high priced at its original tag of $161.95, now on sale at $134.95. All those who were curious about the wave plate technology were quite satisfied. They are one in saying that even if they bought the Mizuno Wave Creation 10 Mens Running Shoes at its original price, it is still worth the comfort and performance support it brings. Nevertheless, most of the users took advantage of the sale price and bought more than one pair of these Mizuno running shoes, once they actually felt the advantage of wearing one.

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