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Mizuno Alchemy
Motion Control Like You’ve Never Experienced

The Mizuno Alchemy is another top-rating shoe that belongs to Mizuno’s Wave series. It is also often considered as Mizuno’s top motion control offer, providing maximum control for severe overpronation. Now, even those with flat feet can run without worrying about getting into injuries. The pronation of their feet will be controlled in a very subtle but effective way that does not compromise the quality of the run at all. This means you will be perfectly at ease when you run, which is something that’s particularly hard to come by for severe overpronators.

To experience effective motion control like no other, try running with the Mizuno Alchemy, especially the newest and most advanced edition, the Mizuno Wave Alchemy 8. Check out the following features to see whether this is really the right shoe for you.

Why Mizuno Alchemy is Right for You

mizuno alchemy Attractive features of a Mizuno Alchemy are:

  • Mizuno Double Wave Technology
  • AIR Mesh Uppers
  • Heel Cushioning
  • Copolymer Midsole
  • SmoothRide
  • Outsole Ventilation
  • X-10 Outsole

1. Mizuno Double Wave Technology

The foremost feature of the Mizuno Alchemy is the Double Wave technology, which lends it its motion control capabilities. Compared to the regular wave technology of the other shoes in the Mizuno Wave series, the Double Wave provides not just cushioning but also great pronation control that can correct even severe levels of pronation. This is made possible by the technology’s double midsole in the shape of a fan. Proven to be extremely effective, the Double Wave Technology is the core feature of the Mizuno Wave Alchemy.

2. AIR Mesh Uppers

The upper of the Mizuno Alchemy is constructed using only top-quality materials such as breathable AIR mesh and synthetic leather for the overlays. The breathable nature of the AIR mesh material helps keep your feet comfortable, while the synthetic leather overlays contribute to the durability and great fit of the upper portion of the shoes.

3. Heel Cushioning

The heel of the Mizuno Alchemy, to counter the heavy impact felt by this specific foot region, is padded with thermoplastic elastomer which works by absorbing shock and dispersing it equally to various parts of the feet. It also provides long lasting cushioning as it resists compression even during high impact runs.

4. Copolymer Midsole

The Mizuno Wave Alchemy offers overall protection. With the heel and upper areas covered, the midsole is then fitted with a highly responsive copolymer midsole material. Aside from providing cushioning, the material also causes energy from the impact to rebound, providing you with extra momentum as you run, especially at the crucial moment when your toes leave the ground. The beauty of this material, however, lies in the fact that the copolymer material is extremely light, and yet it performs in such an effective manner.

5. SmoothRide

The secret about the Mizuno Wave Alchemy does not just lie in the materials used in the production of the shoe, but in the very construction of the shoe as well. The Wave Alchemy’s engineering is designed in such a way that the shoe itself supports the feet’s acceleration and deceleration motion. The SmoothRide technology allows the foot to transition smoothly, so you can run your best without any bumps in the road.

6. Outsole Ventilation

The outsole of the Mizuno Wave Alchmey is also fitted with the same air vents as can be found in other shoes in the Wave series. This particular ventilation system allows the shoes to expel hot and humid air that gets trapped within the shoe. As a result, the inner shoe environment is kept clean and fresh, so the feet are free from discomfort at all times.

7. X-10 Outsole

This same outsole is the X-10 carbon rubber outsole of the Mizuno Wave Alchemy. The special and highly durable X-10 carbon rubber used in the outsole provides great traction with the surface you run on, providing extra stability. At the same time, the carbon rubber outsole also provides extra cushioning for the shoe, but does not compromise weight and flexibility. Even high-impact areas won’t have much to boast of when faced with the durability of the Alchemy.

What the Reviews Say about Mizuno Alchemy

The Mizuno Alchemy series is one of the highest quality offers in the motion control category of running shoes. The Alchemy has been known in its earlier years as a training-focused footwear, but with added pronation control, the shoe effectively rises above the pack it used to run with and became a motion control master, a change that was welcomed warmly by severe overpronators who have finally found the support that they’ve been looking for.

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