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Mizuno Wave Rider
Cushioning Meets Support with Ease

The Mizuno Wave Rider is a classic cushioned shoe from Mizuno. Now on its 12th edition, the Wave Rider still comes with the same great offer that has made Mizuno’s name. The shoe offers effective and abundant cushioning to fully shield the feet from impact, but still supports the feet as it goes through the various phrases of foot mechanics during a run.

The great thing about the Wave Rider is that it combines the cream of the crop features of Mizuno. With this, all the important areas that make a running shoe a great choice are covered by the shoe.

The Secrets behind the Mizuno Wave Rider

mizuno wave rider Secrets behind the Mizuno Wave Rider are:

  • Mizuno Wave Cushioning
  • AP Midsole
  • Wave Plate for Stability
  • Intercool System for Comfort
  • VS-1 Heel Technology
  • X-10 Outsole
  • Construction

1. Mizuno Wave Cushioning

Naturally, the first and most important feature of the Wave Rider is the special Mizuno Wave cushioning technology that helps to disperse impact effectively when you hit the ground. The shoe catches the impact with the unmatched cushioning effectiveness of the Wave technology, which became the basis for the foundation of the entire Mizuno Wave line of running shoes. The system works quite effectively in protecting the feet by making sure impact is distributed equally all over the foot. This means that you don’t have to worry about the heel and forefoot bearing too much of the brunt as you run.

2. AP Midsole

To support the excellent cushioning in the heel and forefoot thanks to the Mizuno Wave technology, the Wave Rider from Mizuno also offers a special AP midsole material. This material is especially designed to create a responsive cushioned feel in the shoe’s midsole. The best thing about the AP midsole is that it is quite lightweight, so your feet won’t get stressed and will be extremely pampered if you use this shoe.

3. Wave Plate for Stability

The Mizuno Wave Rider features a special wave plate that offers added stability to the foot. This is a crucial feature that adds to the stability and steadiness of the runner especially during the critical transition stage of the foot. With the wave plate, your feet can glide smoothly from your heel strike to your toe off without wavering at the middle. This helps protect you from injuries and can maximize the strength and overall performance of your run.

4. Intercool System for Comfort

And to help ensure that the runner is perfectly comfortable during the entire run, the Wave Rider also features an intercool system that provides cooling inside the shoe. This keeps the shoe environment clean, healthy, and comfortable. The system uses vents that actually provide cooling for the foot, so you can have a great time running with your feet well pampered.

5. VS-1 Heel Technology

The heel is equipped with a special VS-1 technology, which provides great shock absorption for a long time. This feature is designed to resist compression set, so you can be sure that the heel cushioning won’t get worn out easily and that the shoe will always keep your heel protected.

6. X-10 Outsole

The outsole is a special X-10 outsole material made of highly durable carbon rubber. This allows for a longer shoe life even as you take the shoe to high impact areas frequently.

7. Construction

The overall construction of the Mizuno Wave Rider is strategically designed to provide runner comfort and a great fit. The toebox is noticeably larger than normal, so the toes have more space to move around and won’t feel restricted during the toe off phrase. The heel also has a good fit; it features a rocker heel that keeps the feet close to the ground. The shoe’s construction also helps it to effectively avoid bunions. With all these concerns covered, it is clear that runner comfort is the number one priority of the shoe. It aims to give you a good run while your feet stay particularly comfortable and safe.

Who Needs the Mizuno Wave Rider?

The Mizuno Wave Rider is a great choice for neutral runners who prefer to have more cushioning than most other neutral running shoes do. It can be used for high mileage walking or running. Runners who are also looking for a neutral cushioned shoe without the extra weight will surely appreciate the Wave Rider.

Take note, however, that the Mizuno Wave Rider may not be the best product for runners who experience a bit of overpronation as it allows plenty of space for the feet to breathe around. On the other hand, neutral runners should not miss out on the Wave Rider.

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