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Mizuno Running Shoes Success Secrets

Mizuno Running Footwear and apparel for both men and women have always held a revered position in the industry. The footwear collection from Mizuno, however, rises above industry standards and commands extra attention. Mizuno offers a wide array of running shoes in two categories, one for men and one for women. Under each category, the shoes fall under a more scrutinized classification. There are support shoes, control shoes, neutral shoes, trail shoes, racing shoes, and shoes designed for use in track and field. Each category consists of shoes that are especially tailored to fit the individual needs of every runner in the entire population of the running world.

Each type of runner will surely find exactly what he or she is looking for, and can expect only the finest level of quality from the Mizuno shoes. And here are the reasons why. These are just ten of the many top features involved in the making of each Mizuno running footgear.

The Secret Ingredients of Mizuno Running Footwear

mizuno running Secret ingredients of a Mizuno Running footwear are:

  • Mizuno Wave Cushioning and Stability
  • SmoothRide Engineering
  • Mizuno Intercool
  • VS-1 Cushioning Compound
  • X-10 Carbon Rubber
  • AIR Mesh Uppers
  • Gender Engineering
  • Dynamotion Fit

1. Mizuno Wave Cushioning and Stability

Mizuno’s number 1 technology, the technology behind the brand’s most successful line of running shoes, is the Wave Tehcnology. This is an advanced cushioning technology that also provides good stability. Cushioning and stability are not easily balanced, but Mizuno knew exactly how to make both ends meet.

2. SmoothRide Engineering

The foot experience extreme acceleration and deceleration levels during a run. This can cause fluctuations in your overall stride. To prevent this, Mizuno came up with the SmoothRide technology. Of all the Mizuno running technologies, this is one of the most important since it is what guides the shoe smoothly during the tough transition phase of the foot as it accelerates and decelerates.

3. Mizuno Intercool

Mizuno running footwear also often have the very unique and ingenious ventilation system known as Mizuno Intercool. This system provides a ventilation system in the midsole that provides a way out for the hot and humid air within the shoe. This helps keep you feeling fresh and comfortable at all times, even when you’ve run for miles and miles.

4. VS-1 Cushioning Compound

It is important for any running shoe to provide effective shock absorption properties since running makes the feet very vulnerable to shock and impact. The VS-1 assists in attenuating shock and protecting the feet. VS-1 refers to a special cushioning compound found to absorb shock quite effectively. This same material can be commonly found in the heel and forefoot areas of several Mizuno running shoes.

5. X-10 Carbon Rubber

A lot of Mizuno footgear features the X-10 carbon rubber outsole. The X-10 is considered as the most durable type of carbon rubber because it can tackle even long term wear and tear with no problems, even in the high impact areas. The durability of the X-10 carbon rubber extends the life span of the Mizuno shoes that have it, and as an added benefit, the X-10 creates great traction with the ground.

6. AIR Mesh Uppers

Mizuno running shoes also often have the AIR Mesh upper material. This is an extremely breathable material that is widely used in Mizuno shoes. Being breathable, it helps the foot stay in tip top shape all throughout your run.

7. Gender Engineering

Mizuno also presents the Gender Engineering technology, which recognizes the basic differences between male and female feet and between male and female running mechanics and styles. This particular science allows Mizuno to come up with high-quality and custom fit products that meet the very specific and varying needs of men and women.

8. Dynamotion Fit

Badly fitting shoes can get worn out easily because the shoes will somehow bear much of the brunt it was never intended to bear. But the right fitting shoes, where all the parts are in place, can resist distortion and compression, thus enhancing their longevity. With the Dynamotion Fit, that’s exactly what you get.

Mizuno Running Footwear – What Are Your Options?

In the support category, you can choose from the top models, Wave Nirvana, Wave Inspire, Wave Elixir, and Wave Nexus. But for the severe overpronator, you can check out the Wave Renegade. Neutral runners, on the other hand, should check out the Wave Creation, Wave Precision, and the Wave Rider.

Aside from those three basic categories, running also falls under various classifications such as trail running, track and field, and racing. From the trail running category, check out the Wave Ascend. For racing purposes,  consider the Wave Universe and the Wave Ronin. And if you want to tackle the track and field, check out the Osaka, the Tokyo, the Geo-Silencer, and several other shoes.

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