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Mizuno Wave Nirvana
Road Runner and Trainer in One

The Mizuno Wave Nirvana is a road running shoe first then a training shoe second. Extremely versatile, the Wave Nirvana can be used for several types of runs and activities. Some reviews recognize it as a stability trainer, while some remark on its ability to take on the long roads. With this, the Wave Nirvana is Mizuno’s response to the top-rated running shoes from other brands.

The overall offer of the Wave Nirvana is based on its many performance-based features that, when combined, can help you navigate the long roads or help you in cross training. The bottomline is that this shoe can help motivate you to become physically active. Here are the features that have to do something with that.

Great Features of the Mizuno Wave Nirvana

mizuno wave nirvana Features of the Mizuno Wave Nirvana are:

  • AIR Mesh Nylon Upper
  • Dynamotion Technology
  • Midsole Double Wave Technology
  • Heel Cushioning
  • SmoothRide
  • Mizuno Wave Nirvana Intercool
  • Extra Durable Outsole

1. AIR Mesh Nylon Upper

The Mizuno Wave Nirvana first offers a comfortable fit and feel even long after you’ve put on the shoes and have run mile after mile with its breathable and high-quality material AIR mesh nylon upper. The upper is also supported by overlays of synthetic leather. The nylon linings also work to dispel moisture in order to keep the shoe environment healthy. Overall, the Nirvana’s breathability plays a key role in extending the life span of the shoe and giving you a cool, comfortable ride.

2. Dynamotion Mizuno Wave NirvanaTechnology

Loyal users of the Nirvana series noticed an improvement in the overall fit of the shoe’s latest edition. This is due to the special Dynamotion Fit technology that provides enough room for the heel collar and cradle to give in upon heel strike but without compromising the fit of the upper.

3. Midsole Double Wave Technology

What the other running shoes in the Wave shoe series from Nirvana have is the Wave Technology. But the Mizuno Wave Nirvana is different in that it features a special Double Wave technology. Compared to the regular Wave cushioning technology, the Double Wave technology is a combination of motion control and cushioning. This is through the use of a double WAVE midsole fashioned in the shape of a fan.

4. Heel Cushioning

The heels of your feet are what receive all the impact when you run, and the Mizuno shoe engineers know this. To help keep this critical area protected, the Mizuno Wave Nirvana features special cushioning for the heel area using a thermoplastic elastomer. This technology can resist compression so you can expect long-term cushioning. It also effectively absorbs shock to shield your feet from heavy impact and keep you on your top performance.

5. SmoothRide

Aside from the fact that the heel is a common impact area, the fact that the foot’s acceleration and deceleration during the critical transition phase is one of the determining factors of the success of your run and your level of performance. To support the foot during this critical phase, the Wave Nirvana puts in the special SmoothRide feature. This guides the foot’s transition to provide you with a great stride and can help you avoid bumpy rides.

6. Mizuno Intercool

Like the other shoes in the Mizuno wave running shoe series, the Nirvana also features the special Mizuno Intercool ventilation system. This system helps the shoe to release hot air trapped inside. When hot air is trapped inside, it can lead to the accumulation of odor and can be quite uncomfortable for the feet. In most cases, this is why blisters start to appear. Thanks to the special air vents located in the outsole, the Wave Nirvana creates a cool, comfortable, and dry shoe environment.

7. Extra Durable Outsole

As both a road running shoe and a training shoe, you can use the Mizuno Wave Nirvana for a lot of activities. This means it can get quite strained after some time. But expect that time to be far off, since the Nirvana is extremely durable. It has high-quality carbon rubber outsoles that do not get worn out easily even if you take the shoes to high-wear areas. Aside from that, the carbon rubber outsole throws in cushioning and flexibility benefits in the process.

What the Reviews Say about Mizuno Wave Nirvana

According to reviews, the Wave Nirvana is becoming more and more impressive as more of its users continue to experience the benefits of running using the Wave Nirvana shoe. Some runners remarked that the shoe met high standards in three important areas: fit, feel, and flexibility. And to top it all off, the shoe even looks great in the process.

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