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Running Shoes for Big Runners
Big Runners Get the Solution to Their Running Shoe Problem

Running shoes for big runners cannot be just any running shoes. Big runners have it a bit harder because they have more requirements to consider. They need shoes that are specifically designed to carry their extra weight. They also need additional special features that can support their feet better. Although there are a lot of tips on how to find the correct pair of running shoes based on runners’ foot types, most tips do not consider the weight of the runner. As a result, a lot of heavy runners end up with shoes that may be right for their foot type but are not designed to carry heavier weights. One of two things, or both, may happen. First, the heavy runners may get into injuries due to their incorrect shoes. Second, the shoes may get worn out very fast.

One of the most sensitive factors in running shoes for big runners is the cushioning. Cushioning is important in any running shoe, but for heavy runners, the regular form of cushioning is sometimes not enough. In some cases, the cushioning is too soft so it does not provide a response when the weight it carries is pretty heavy. In other cases, the cushioning may be just right, but the cushioning material easily flattens out after some time due to the extra weight it carries.

With all these concerns bugging them, big runners will really find it a challenge to find running shoes that can keep up with them and their needs. Good thing these brands and models have provided special attention to their plight.

Running Shoes for Big Runners – Models Designed with Big Runners in Mind

  • running shoes for big runnersAsics Gel Nimbus
  • Brooks Adrenaline GTS
  • Brooks Glycerin

1. Asics Gel Nimbus

The Asics Gel Nimbus is a well-cushioned and very durable running shoe that big runners can comfortably run in. The Gel cushioning technology offered by Asics makes the Asics Gel Nimbus an ideal choice for big runners because it is a durable and very responsive type of cushioning. Even big runners can still get an added spring from the Gel cushioning technology, and it also does not wear out easily since the shoe uses Gel as the main cushioning agent instead of foam.

The Asics Gel Nimbus also offers enough support to give heavy runners more control in their run. This is thanks to the Impact Guidance System which uses linked componentry to guide the foot through heel strike to toe off more smoothly. Asics also added the Guidance Line to the latest Asics Gel Nimbus 12 to allow the foot to transition more efficiently thanks to the single vertical flex groove in the line of progression.

2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS

A lot of big runners prefer motion control shoes because these are the shoes with enough strength to hold their weight. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS is the main motion control number offered by Brooks. For ten years, this shoe has become a solid option for runners looking for a good motion control shoe. As for heavy runners, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS is designed using top-of-the-line materials and constructed to be highly durable. Its main features include the caterpillar heel pad, the PDRB triple-density medial post, and the HydroFlow cushioning found in the heel and the forefoot.

3. Brooks Glycerin

The Brooks Glycerin is one of the shoes specifically designed to fit runners of all sizes and weights. The best feature of the shoe is its cushioning, which is provided by the new Brooks DNA cushioning technology. The cushioning system, also called custom cushioning because it adjusts to each step of your foot. It provides a very responsive ride while also protecting your feet from impact. It also has durable and eco-friendly BioMoGo cushioning, making it an even more ideal pair of running shoes for big runners.

Some Additional Tips to Lead You to Running Shoes for Big Runners

To give you an even clearer idea, here are some features to look for. First, keep an eye out for shoes with durable cushioning. Durability is also important, not only for the cushioning material, but also for the entire shoe in general, especially with regards to the materials used in the construction of the shoe. Aside from that, some motion control will also make a significant difference.

Also, if you are heavier, you don’t need a lighter shoe. You need shoes that can hold your weight down so you won’t lose your balance. The ideal running shoes for big runners, who can be described as those who are heavier than 185 pounds, should be at least 12 ounces.

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