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Custom Running Shoes
Understanding Your Foot and Its Special Needs

Custom running shoes, ideally, are must-haves for runners. Unfortunately, custom running shoes tend to be expensive. Although the custom-fit shoes are often worth the price you have to pay, not all runners are willing to shell out a lot of cash for such shoes. But even if you may not be ready to spend a lot on custom-made running shoes, the benefits of these shoes are worth considering. Since the shoes are made specifically to fit your feet, they can help prevent running problems or injuries. They are also especially helpful for runners who have anatomical abnormalities, unequal foot sizes, and other special needs.

However, you now have other alternatives. For one thing, there are now running shoes that come with special orthotics that you can insert into your shoe to make your shoe practically custom-fit for your special needs. But there’s practically no need to since top running shoe manufacturers now offer running shoes that molds to the shape of your feet so you also get orthotics-like support and protective cushioning where necessary. Here are some of the wear-ready running shoes that offers an experience as good as custom running shoes do.

Custom Running Shoes – Shoes that Yield to Your Feet

  • custom running shoesNike Air Pegasus+ 26 iD
  • Nike Free 5.0 iD V4
  • Adidas Response Cushion


1. Nike Air Pegasus+ 26 iD

Among all the running shoe manufacturers that mass produce generic running shoes, Nike is the one that takes your special needs into consideration. This is why Nike came up with the Nike iD technology. This technology allows you to customize certain parts of your Nike Air Pegasus+ 26. You can customize the shoe to fit your needs and preferences. You can even change the colors of the shoe, from the outsole color, the midsole color, the lining, the base, the tongue, and so on.

Aside from being able to change the colors of the shoe, you can also choose from various widths, upper materials, outsole pattern, and cushioning types. The Nike Air Pegasus+ 26 iD comes in regular, narrow, wide, and 4E widths. You can choose from either a Gore-Tex upper or a mesh upper. Available cushioning options includethe regular Phylon foam for just the right cushioning or the soft Cushlon foam for an especially soft ride. You can also choose whether to go with a trail outsole or a waffle outsole.

The shoe also allows you to have independent left and right sizing and personal iDs to consider the special differences, if any, between your two feet. Ths is as good as custom running shoes can get.

2. Nike Free 5.0 iD V4

The Nike Free running shoes have opened up doors to a whole new level of freedom in running. But with the Nike Free iD shoes, Nike has achieved the true meaning of free. Not only will you feel free when you run; you will also be free to decide all the matters with regards to your shoe. Created with the same technologies that made the Nike Free running shoes famous, this shoe will give you the most flexible and most enjoyable run of your life. Although it is surprisingly lightweight, it comes with good cushioning, great traction, and the right level of support to allow you foot to move freely and your foot muscles to gain strength without constriction.

You can also customize your left and right pairs with independent left and right iDs for a better custom fit.

3. Adidas Supernova Glide

The Adidas Supernova Glide may not be considered as custom running shoes, but it comes with GEOFIT, a special Adidas technology that provides a great fit by putting necessary padding in the right areas based on the anatomy of the foot. The Adidas Supernova is one of the Adidas shoes with the GEOFIT construction for the perfect anatomical fit. This works together with the FORMOTION technology, which allows the shoe to adjust to the unique heel strike of a runner as well as to the ground surface. Together, these two technologies offer a ride that feels wonderfully comfortable and customized for the wearer.

Get the Proper Fit for Custom Running Shoes

Before you buy running shoes or get custom running shoes made, it is preferable to make a careful study of your foot type and foot shape. You can even go to the doctor for this if you want to be sure. You have to first determine whether you are a neutral runner, an overpronator, or a supinator. And finally, you have to check for any anatomical abnormalities that your custom running shoes should also take into consideration.

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