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Running Shoes for Beginners
Which Shoe to Start Your Passion for Running With?

Running shoes for beginners don’t differ from running shoes running aficionados already enjoy. Any runner has the right to the top technologies offered by top running shoes manufacturers in the market. The main difference is the runner’s own commitment and desire to invest in running shoes. More serious runners are more open about investing in expensive running shoes, and the best running shoes with the most advanced technologies insightfully designed to help improve performance are usually at the expensive side. Most beginners are not yet willing to make that big an investment.

Choosing the right running shoes for beginners is definitely important. Budget limitations can definitely narrow down your options, but that does not mean you can settle with the wrong shoes. That also does not mean you can buy the cheapest shoes around. Before anything else, you have to determine what kind of running shoes you need, and you will know this by checking what type of feet you have. Whether you have flat feet, low-arched feet, or neutral feet will affect your choice.

The Best Running Shoes for Beginners Based on Foot Type

  • running shoes for beginnersNike Air Pegasus for Neutral Beginners
  • Brooks Adrenaline GTS for Flat Footed Beginners
  • Adidas Response for High-Arched Beginners


1. Nike Air Pegasus for Neutral Beginners

The Nike Air Pegasus is one of the best possible running shoes for beginners. First, it is modestly priced. Yes, it is a Nike, and it is “the” famous Air Pegasus; it even belongs to the well-acclaimed Air shoe series from Nike. But despite all these, the Nike Air Pegasus was positioned at a lower price range as Nike’s attempt to cater to another segment of the market. So it is a good shoe to start with because it won’t require too much of an investment. But this does not mean the quality is compromised.

This brings us to the second advantage. The Nike Air Pegasus has been a renowned shoe model from Nike for more than 25 years, and now the Nike Air Pegasus 26 is better than ever. It is impressively durable, offers good cushioning, provides good support, and comes with top Nike technologies. It’s a great shoe to start your running career or hobby with.

2. Brooks Adrenaline GTS for Flat Footed Beginners

A biomechanically designed shoe, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS is the perfect running shoes for beginners with overpronation problems. Now on its 10th year, the Adrenaline GTS continues to be the go-to shoe of runners who need motion control. Beginners will also be able to run best with the comfortable fit of the shoe, which is what made it famous, so they won’t need to adjust to being in running shoes in a major way.

Beginners will surely run comfortably with Brooks irritation-free upper, secure upper overlays, and a segmented crash pad to give them a protected, nicely cushioned ride. It offers motion control using the Brooks PDRB or Progressive Diagonal Rollbar. Its price? It may be a bit of an investment, but it definitely offers value for money. And the shoe is, after all, known for its very durable construction, so you won’t regret making the extra investment.

3. Adidas Response for High-Arched Beginners

Are you an underpronating beginner? You need cushioning running shoes for beginners, and you can begin with the Adidas Response or Response Cushion, Adidas’ most popular cushioning shoe. It offers splendid cushioning with Adidas’ adiPRENE in the forefoot and under the heel and adiWEAR outsole. The cushioning can keep feet safe and well-protected so the new runner won’t get much of a beating. And to make you love running more, the shoe comes with the FORMOTION technology that helps make your every stride smooth and comfortable. This is definitely the best running shoes for beginners with high arches.

Don’t Know Your Foot Type? Find Out before Choosing Running Shoes for Beginners

You can conduct a special test to find out. Begin by wetting your feet then stepping firmly on a piece of paper on the floor. Check your footprint afterwards. If your footprint has a very distinct curved area in the midfoot area, the empty space is because your arch is too high that it does not touch the ground when you step on the ground. This means you are high-arched. High-arched foot experience underpronation and you need cushioning shoes to help protect from shock. If your footprint has no distinct curve and looks whole in the midfoot area, then that means you have a pretty low arch that it also falls completely on the ground when you take a step. Low-arched feet, or flat feet as they are known, are prone to overpronation, which means you need shoes that can control the unnecessary pronation to keep you steady.

If you’re a little bit in between, then you have neutral feet and you have structured cushioning shoes that offer a little bit of both. If you’re ready, here are some leads on the best running shoes for beginners.

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