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Correct Running Shoes
Tips on Finding the Right Shoe for Running

The correct running shoes can spell the difference between a great, exhilarating, and enjoyable run and a frustrating, stressful, and painful experience. In extreme cases, the right pair of shoes can spell the difference between reaping the healthful fitness benefits of running or getting injured in your run.

A lot of inexperienced runners often make the mistake of bargain shopping for their first pair of running shoes. If you are a new runner, you probably don’t have an idea yet as to what the correct running shoes for you should be and how this matters. But for starters, do not bargain shop and do not get a pair from the store clearance section. If you don’t play your cards right in choosing the right pair, you might get frustrated with your run and eventually end up quitting the sport. That’s such a waste of a great sport, and all because you failed to do some research before buying your shoes.

It can get pretty confusing at first due to all the terms and concepts you have to understand. But the first step is to determine whether you are a neutral runner, an overpronator, or an underpronator. That becomes your ultimate guide as to which shoe to choose.

Finding the Correct Running Shoes that Can Correct Your Running Problems

  • correct running shoesExtreme overpronator: Brooks Adrenaline GTS
  • Extreme underpronator: Nike Zoom Vomero
  • Neutral runner: Asics GT2150
  • Extreme overpronator: Brooks Adrenaline GTS

The Brooks Adrenaline GTS is one of the corect running shoes for those who experience extreme overpronation. Flat feet is the main cause of overpronation, and overpronation can be corrected by motion control shoes like the Adrenaline GTS. Overpronation is when the outside of your heel lands first then the foot rolls inwards more than it should, so that the foot is not able to stabilize the rest of your body. Your shoes should have motion control, which controls the inward rolling movement of the foot so that your body will be more stable.

To control pronation, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS uses an increased heel bevel and a softer lay down, a caterpillar segmented crash pad in the heel, and a PDRB triple-density medial post. And the fit? As good as can be. This shoe will definitely make the overpronating beginner love the sport even more.

  • Extreme underpronator: Nike Zoom Vomero

The Nike Zoom Vomero is, on the other hand, perfect for those who experience extreme underpronation, which is the exact opposite of overpronation. The cause of this is high-arched feet. Underpronation is when the foot does not roll inwards enough when the foot lands. It stays on a perching position with the impact concentrated on the lateral side of the foot. To distribute the impact felt by the foot, the severe underpronator needs cushioning shoes as the correct running shoes for them. One of the best cushioning shoes out there is the Nike Zoom Vomero.

The Nike Zoom Vomero is Nike’s best foot forward when it comes to the cushioning category of running shoes. The effective shock protective cushioning is thanks to the full-length Zoom Air cushioning. The Zoom Air cushioning is the combination of Nike Air, the trademark cushioning technology of the brand, and the Zoom technology, which flattens out shoes to reduce the bulk but does not affect the cushioning quality. When combined, you get a slim, lightweight, but very protective cushioning shoe.

  • Neutral runner: Asics GT2150

If you are fortunate not to have an overpronating or an underpronating problem, then you’re a neutral runner. Your foot still needs support and cushioning, but there are no abnormal movement to correct. You need shoes that offer a little bit of both support and cushioning, and one of the correct running shoes for such cases is the Asics GT2150, which is also known as one of the most popular running shoes in the world. The shoe comes with a DuoMax Support System to ensure your stability and a Solyte midsole for responsive and lightweight cushioning.

Other Things to Check When Looking for Correct Running Shoes

There are some other factors you should also look into to ensure that your shoes won’t hurt your feet. First, make sure there is sufficient room in the toebox for your toes to move and flex comfortably around. The widest part of your foot should also not be constricted, as this can lead to pain. The heel area should also be snug so the shoe won’t slide up or down while you run. All these have an effect on the overall fit and feel of your correct running shoes.

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