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Clean Running Shoes
Tips on How to Keep Your Running Shoes Clean

Clean running shoes will help you look and feel great when you run. Don’t you just love running on clean shoes? That will surely empower your run, especially if you’ve been running for quite some time and have developed a special connection with your shoes. Your running shoes also deserve to look good and stay clean. After all, they take you through successful runs and bad runs, through smooth roads and rough patches. Not only will that benefit you and give your shoes the cleaning and attention they deserve; clean running shoes also last longer so you won’t need to replace it soon.

Running, especially if you’re quite the adventurous type, exposes your shoes to a lot of outside elements. It comes in contact with mud, puddles, grit, leaves, rocks, and so on. This is normal, but allowing the dirt to stay on your shoes without cleaning them can really affect the longevity of your shoes and can make them wear out faster. So try to clean your shoes every once in a while too. Here are some tips on how to do it properly.

Step by Step Guide to Clean Running Shoes

  • clean running shoesCleaning the exterior of the shoe
  • Removing stains
  • Washing the sockliner and the laces


1. Cleaning the exterior of the shoe

The first on the agenda is to clean the exterior of the shoe to make your shoes look nice and clean. In doing so, you will be placed with a variety of surface dirt such as grit, mud, and so on. These can be cleaned by scrubbing the shoe surface with an old toothbrush and some warm water. You can also use some anti-grease soap as a cleansing agent to speed up the process.

If you run into a swamp during your runs, your shoes may be completely soiled. In such cases, best soak the shoes immediately. If not, you might end up with a foul smell and even some fungus on the insides. Do not let the shoes dry until you can wash it thoroughly with detergent. If it dries, the bad smell and the dirty water will get absorbed into the shoes.

2. Removing stains

However, if you are faced with hard stains that have already seeped into the material of the shoe, you can remove this using baking soda. Baking soda is particularly effective for most stains. Get some baking soda, some warm water, and regular soap, then use the mixture to clean the stains. This will work on both white and colored shoes, although stains on white shoes or white surfaces are particularly harder to clean. You may be able to remove stains but you might not achieve the same original whiteness.

If you really want to make your white running shoes perfectly white, you can try using a special cleaning bleach.

3. Washing the sockliner and the laces

To clean running shoes is not just about cleaning the exterior of the shoes. You have to clean the entire shoe, including the interior. The sockliner is very important and so are the laces. The sockliner or the insole is removable in some shoes; if it is, remove it so you can wash it separately for a more thorough cleansing. Not only will your shoes look clean, they will also feel clean and refreshing inside. Laces should also be washed separately or replaced from time to time.

Clean Running Shoes that Also Smell Clean – Dispelling Bad Odor in Running Shoes

If you notice your shoes smelling bad perhaps maybe due to your own sweat while you wear it, you have to give special attention if you want clean running shoes that also smells good. The bad odor is caused by fungus and bacteria that thrives on the sweaty, moist and warm atmosphere inside the shoe because of your frequent use. Aside from the bad odor, this can cause skin infections and even athlete’s foot. To avoid this, wash the shoes in warm water with an effective but not overly aggressive detergent. This is the best way to ensure that your shoes are not only clean running shoes; they also smell nice and clean.


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