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Saucony Hurricane 8
The Top Gear in Comfortable Motion Control

Saucony Hurricane 8***spot0h.shtml*** The Saucony Hurricane 8 is the result of the perfect recipe combining motion control and cushioning. This high-end, advanced shoe is hailed as the best edition in Saucony’s celebrated Hurricane shoe series.

Even when compared to the lengthy list of features of the later editions, the Hurricane 8 still manages to bring home the runners.  The shoe also gives a high-powered ride provided by advanced materials that give a lush feel to your feet.

This shoe is perfectly engineered to be your ultimate running gear with motion control. But with the combination of motion control and cushioning, the shoe falls under the stability category, providing a little bit of both factors that are very important in your run.

Running Shoe Review : The Strongest Suits of the Saucony Hurricane 8

Some of the best features of the Saucony Hurricane 8 are:

  • Motion Control
  • Cushioning
  • Additional Features          

1. Motion Control

The Saucony Hurricane 8 is an excellent motion control shoe that still provides just the right amount of cushioning. But the motion control capability of the shoe cannot be denied. It is known as one of the best motion control shoes recommended for moderate overpronators. The midsole is strengthened by dual-density impulse EVA that helps improve your stability during your run. It also has the proprietary Medial MCD technology of Saucony. Together, the EVA midsole and the Medial MCD cooperates to correct pronation.

But with the EVA midsole, the shoe is as responsive as necessary despite the pronation control feature. With the help of these technologies, the Saucony Hurricane 8 is a biomechanically corrective shoe that helps a lot of runners overcome their running difficulties. Also, for added support, the shoe wraps around the midfoot using the Archlock wrap.

2. Cushioning

With motion control covered, the shoe then provides excellent cushioning with the HRC Impact Interface Strobel Board, found on the lateral side of the heel to allow just the right level of compression.

It also helps your feet smoothly shift from heel strike to toe off using the special SRC or Super Rebound Compound, an added cushioning feature based on the previous HRC cushioning technology. As for the rearfoot, the shoe uses stable rearfoot grid cushioning and rearfoot HRC for responsiveness and shock protection.

The HRC is also found in the forefoot to help power up your toe offs. All these cushioning features, paired with the pronation control technologies of the Saucony Hurricane 8, ensures that you will get the most out of your run without worrying about pronation.

3. Additional Features

The Hurricane 8 also comes with a high-end sockliner that provides instant comfort feel.  The shoe also uses mesh uppers supported by overlays for superior ventilation and comfort. The shoe is also durable and lightweight with its blown carbon rubber outsole. The outsole features XT900 rubber compound in the heel and rearfoot, and a b/cR rubber compound for the forefoot.

The Hurricane 8 is also great not just on the inside but also on the outside. The shoe looks clean and serious, and has a certain athletic appeal. It comes with a sturdy body, a padded tongue, a cushioned footbed, and a collar. This is an excellent choice for low-arched feet and flat-footed runners.

The Spotlight on the Saucony Hurricane 8 Reviews

You won’t be disappointed with the Saucony Hurricane 8. In fact, it has been awarded by 220 Triathlon Magazine as the “Shoe of the Year,” a rather prestigious award.

Toppling countless types of running shoes during the competition, the shoe proves itself an unsurpassed winner. Aside from that, it was also hailed as Runner’s World US Editor’s Choice in the 2006 Spring Shoe Guide, another prestigious and highly credible award.

The Hurricane shoe series has always been impressive, but Saucony ranked up the points with the 8th edition. All in all, this is a great shoe to have whether you are training for an important run or are just running for fitness, especially if you are a moderate pronator who also gives importance to cushioning and comfort.

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