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Saucony Hurricane

Saucony Hurricane***spot0h.shtml*** The Saucony Hurricane is one of Saucony’s most popular shoe series. In a nutshell, it is known for reliable stability, unfailing comfort, and performance you can trust. It is also an excellent shoe for those looking for motion control but also require sufficient comfort. This is an ideal choice for moderate overpronators who are also sensitive about the feel of their feet while wearing the shoes. To give you these great benefits, the Saucony Hurricane combines excellent and exclusive Saucony technologies.

***spot1h.shtml*** The best shoes in this series are the Saucony Hurricane 8, which is an ideal combination of pronation control and cushioning. But when it comes to the range of features, the 10th edition received plenty of significant updates. Here are the classic technologies incorporated into the making of Saucony’s popular Hurricane shoe series.

Classic Saucony Hurricane Shoe Technologies

***spot2h.shtml*** Some of the classic features of the Saucony Hurricane shoes are:

  • The Hurricane ProGrid Technology
  • Dual-Density Saucony Rebound
  • SRC Running Shoe Impact Zone
  • Medial MCD
  • Archlock and Airmesh Upper
  • Saucony Hurricane Rubber Construction

1. The Hurricane ProGrid Technology

The Saucony Hurricane shoes are powered by the ProGrid Technology, a revolutionary running shoe technology brought to life from Saucony’s drawing board. It uses a blend of rubber and polymer for excellent feel. The technology wraps the shoe all around with shock deflectors that protect your feet from the impact of your every land. The ProGrid technology is yet another latest from Saucony and is popular for helping the foot flow smoothly from the heel all through the forefoot with every step.

2. Dual-Density Rebound

The shoe’s midsole is made using dual-density SSL EVA, which provides a powerful rebound to give you an added boost while you run. This performance-enhancing feature is one of the reasons why the Hurricane is a beloved shoe. It has an Ortholite insole that improves the comfort in your every step and at the same time, powers you up with added energy. The midsole also do not add weight to the shoe, so the Hurricane shoes are surprisingly lightweight for the features they provide.

3. SRC Running Shoe Impact Zone

The Saucony Hurricane also has the SRC Impact Zone for superior protection against shock. The Impact Zone also isolates the impact received by the heel for optimum protection. And for added cushioning, the shoe is loaded with the HRC Strobel Board. The Strobel Board also provides an instant cushioned feel the moment you put the shoe on. The upgraded EVA is 15% more resilient than regular EVA and 10% more durable. It also has better cushioned memory to mold to your feet better but still retains the natural bounce.

4. Medial MCD

The Medial MCD from the Hurricane is an essential technology, which makes the shoe effective against overpronation. The Medial MCD works in conjunction with the EVA to make sure your feet don’t rotate unnecessarily. With the rate of pronation controlled, you can run your best without any risk of getting into injuries. The 10th edition Saucony Hurricane also has a midfoot bridge which helps keep the foot’s movement neutral and natural.

5. Archlock and Airmesh Upper

The Hurricane’s upper is constructed in such a way that the midfoot area wraps around the foot to connect with the midsole. This construction ensures that your entire foot is fully supported and comfortably wrapped. Despite the firm wrapping of the Airlock upper, the material is an Airmesh, which has a loose weave that regulates circulation and is breathable to keep the feet cool and comfortable.

6. Saucony Hurricane Rubber Construction

The shoes also use excellent quality rubber in its forefoot and rearfoot. The Hurricane 10 uses XT900 rubber forefoot for superior traction and XT600 rubber rearfoot for improve abrasion. The outsole, on the other hand, is made with blown and carbon rubber.

Saucony Hurricane

With all these superb features only from the Hurricane, this shoe will definitely take the running world by storm. The shoe seems to possess unlimited features and technologies, and every part of it has a role to play in enhancing your performance and giving you the best feel while you run.

Experts agree that this shoe is top of its line, which is apparent when the shoe was voted “Shoe of the Year in the 220 Triathlon.

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