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Saucony Shadow
The Science of Stability Running Shoes

The Saucony Shadow running shoe revolution of the 1990s propelled the term “Saucony Shadow” to great heights in the world of running shoes. Now, the name has become closely associated with the classic and original running shoe, a staple that every serious runner should have.

Saucony is a well-known manufacturer of footwear and sports apparel. The brand has come to be associated with excellent quality and designs that do not just look good but also help optimize your performance each time you run. Responsible for top-of-the-line technologies especially the ultimate stability technology called ProGrid, Saucony has risen to the ranks of the most famous running shoe brands in the market, and it continuously comes up with newer and more advanced running shoe models.

***spot1h.shtml***The latest Saucony Shadow running shoe from Saucony is the Grid Shadow 11, featuring the latest technologies that answer the special needs of runners looking for the best stability/cushioning running shoes. Here are just some reasons why you’ll love the Grid Shadow 11 from Saucony’s Shadow running shoe series.

Why You’ll Love Saucony Shadow Grid 11

saucony shadow***spot2h.shtml*** Special features of Saucony Shadow Grid 11 include:

  • Visible Rearfoot Grid System
  • CMEVA Midsole
  • SRC Impact Zone
  • HRC Forefoot Cushioning

1. Visible Rearfoot Grid System

Although the Saucony Grid Shadow 11 is designed as a cushioning shoe, it helps you achieve a steady stride by offering an optimized stability-based technology called the Visible Rearfoot Grid System, a patented system made up of woven Hytrel filaments that offer the right balance between stability and cushioning. The rearfoot grid centers the heel upon impact to avoid putting much strain on the entire foot. This also ensures you land where you’re supposed to, thus helping prevent running injuries. This special system is based on the original Grid technology of Saucony, the original stability and cushioning system that focuses on the sole.

2. CMEVA Midsole

The Saucony Grid Shadow 11 is also equipped with a compression-molded EVA cushioning in the midsole that makes each step responsive. The highly durable CMEVA midsole cushioning also helps in shock attenuation.

3. SRC Impact Zone

The SRC or Super Rebound Compound Impact Zone technology is a special cushioning technology located in the heel. The technology was born from Saucony’s other famous technology, the HRC. The SRC technology puts extra cushioning in the heel, the impact zone that gets most of the shock when you land. With the SRC in place, the foot slides toward toe off smoothly and without distributing the stress of impact to other parts of the body.

4. HRC Forefoot Cushioning

The classic cushioning technology that Saucony has come to be known for, the HRC cushioning system entails the use of a highly responsive EVA and rubber custom compound material. The HRC is placed at the forefoot where it provides an extra boost just as your toe lifts off the ground.

The same material is also used as an HRC strobel board that works in conjunction with the Visible Rearfoot Grid system of the Saucony Grid Shadow 11. All these technologies are combined to make one running shoe that gives exactly what you need without you even asking for it. Biomechanically constructed, the Saucony Grid Shadow 11’s success now resembles that of the original Shadow running shoe by Saucony.

The Original Saucony Shadow Running Shoe

Despite the success of the newer Saucony Grid Shadow 11, the appeal of the original Saucony Shadow 6000 still cannot be matched. The Saucony Shadow 6000, known as the classic Shadow running shoe, was introduced in 1991 and received an almost immediate welcome from serious high-mileage runners. The benefit offered by the Saucony Shadow 6000 is very distinct: your heel gets stability while your forefoot gets flexibility. At the same time, both heel and forefoot areas get durable and effective cushioning and shock absorption.

The Saucony Shadow 6000 has been dubbed as the classic stability running shoe and is an ideal choice for runners with an average arch. The Shadow 6000 is capable of guiding your feet smoothly as it transitions from step to step. A well-known favorite, the Shadow 6000 maintains the foot’s natural gait but provides support and protection where necessary. It is also made from high-quality materials such as polyurethane midsole, carbon rubber outsole, and mesh/synthetic leather upper. These are combined together in a slip-last construction with a lace-up closure that ensures a tight but comfortable fit.


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