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Saucony Triumph
The Best Cushioning A Shoe Can Have

Saucony Triumph***spot0h.shtml*** The Saucony Triumph is a shoe that triumphs over the competition. This shoe is a revolutionary concept from Saucony that has captured the interest of plenty of runners, especially runners with a neutral gait and are looking for a cushioned and highly protective shoe.

There are many versions of the Triumph shoe, and with each edition released, the shoe series just keeps getting better.

The Saucony Triumph shoe collection is known to all kinds of runners, from the experienced to the hobbyists. This series is dedicated for the most common foot type: the neutral-footed runners.

***spot1h.shtml*** If you have a neutral gait and values cushioning among all other factors that define a running shoe, this is one shoe you’ve got to try.

The Technology that Is Saucony Triumph

***spot2h.shtml*** Some of the best features of Saucony Triumph shoes are:

  • ProGrid Technology
  • Ortholite Sockliner
  • Arch-Lock Upper

1. ProGrid Technology

The Triumph from Saucony is packed with Saucony’s special ProGrid technology, which is practically the most innovative of all their advanced running technologies. The ProGrid is a very flexible technology; its benefits stretch from impact protection, comfort, cushioning, and support.

The ProGrid cushioning technology uses full-length cushioning that can absorb impact well. The cushioning also feels great to give you a luxurious feel while you run. The ProGrid technology also involves a very supportive upper that fits snugly.

The all-around technology also helps your foot transition from your heel strike to toe off. The shoe is also made even more responsive with the Respon-tek Technology. To supplement the ProGrid cushioning and support technology, the shoe also comes with advanced SSL EVA midsole that further improves rebound.

The material also makes the shoe even more durable and is very lightweight. It also has an SRC Impact Zone, which provides an even better protection against shock. And to reinforce this, the shoe also has an Impact Interface, which isolates the impact of the heel for good shock attenuation. And as if that’s not enough, the shoe also has an HRC Strobel Board that increases comfort. All in all, these technologies equate to what has been hailed as the best cushioning and shock absorption runners can avail of.

2. Ortholite Triumph Sockliner

The Ortholite sockliner is another well-liked feature of the Triumph from Saucony. The sockliner is a popular component in Saucony running shoes. It offers an instantly comfortable break-in feel, and is very breathable to help maintain comfort for your feet while you run.

The sockliner material wicks moisture, prevents odor, and is anti-microbial. It is not just an ordinary sockliner material. The Ortholite sockliner also provides a great energy return so you can rebound with force. It may be just a sockliner, but with the Saucony Triumph, it becomes a performance-enhancing component.

3. Arch-Lock Upper

The Saucony Triumph also comes with a medial midfoot archlock, which provides a snug fit around your foot. It is also supported by the midfoot bridge, which supports the entire length of your foot to keep your feet protected and empowered.

Other additional features include Scotchlite reflectors for better nighttime visibility, breathable nylon linings, and moisture-resistant, quick-dry materials. And as a last effort to catch your attention, the shoe also has a great look that tops off the entire package.

Saucony Triumph Review : The Famous Cushioning Shoe

Overall, the Saucony Triumph became phenomenally popular for being the plushest cushioning shoe in the market both by runners and by running shoe reviews.

But it is also known as a cushioning shoe that still provides good support. Another reason why the shoe became widely famous is that it is very flexible. It can be used for all running purposes, and is highly recommended for neutral runners.

The shoe caters to a wide range of runners that further propels its popularity. The best thing is that the Saucony Triumph brings triumph to your every run, so you can pursue the finish lines and actually reach your goals with this on your feet.


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