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Adidas Supernova Trail
Running Shoes That Is Up For Any Trail

Adidas Supernova Trail is backed with the latest technology in running footgear, the specialis custom-made for even the most arduous trail. This is a highly recommended Adidas trail shoe for runners who run with moderate pronation.

The Supernova consists of a great line of running shoes for various purposes. There’s the Supernova Cushion and Supernova Control.

And of course, there’s the Supernova Trail, made with increased durability and enhanced shock absorption for the hard runner.

If you are an off-road runner, this is one shoe that you should take into consideration when you need a new pair.

The fact that it is manufactured by Adidas, a world-famous, well-trusted brand, is enough reason to buy it, but the advanced technology that went into the production of this shoe ensures that the shoe is one that you can rely on.

You can trust this shoe with your feet and your pace as well. The added comfort of your feet will surely add to your stability and confidence as you conquer even the most demanding off-road trail.

The Special Technology of the Adidas Supernova Trail

adidas supernova trail TraXion Outsoules

The Supernova Trail for Adidas is especially equipped with rugged TraXion outsoles that can grip the surface you run on. This way, even the roughest trails can be easily adapted to.

Adidas Trail Formotion Technology

The shoe also has the ForMotion technology, a revolutionary concept only from the three-striped brand. This technology offers superior stability for the runner and provides a leveling effect to even the roughest trail to help the runner move smoothly.

And of Course : The adiPrene Inserts and Torsion System

And to make sure that your feet are comfortable even as you run your hardest, the shoe comes with adiPRENE inserts in the heel and adiPRENE+ in the forefoot to protect the entire foot from shock. And the midfoot is also snugly fitted in the special TORSION System to provide all-around comfort for your feet.

The midsole is also made of compression-molded EVA for special cushioning. The insole is removable for easy maintenance.

Great Shoe for Overpronators

This shoe also provides added support for overpronators with its Pro-Moderator medial support device, another special technology by Adidas. If your feet tends to roll more than normal when you run, that means you overpronate. This is common among people with flat feet.

To remedy this, you need a shoe that will control the extra motion of your feet. The Adidas Supernova Trail is perfectly created for this. Another special feature added to the Supernova Trail to make it even more suitable for trailblazers is the special dual-density Orthoclase sockliner, which can help control odor and provide additional comfort.

Also, the heel and the collar are made with special GeoFit for a better, more assured fit.

To top it all off, the shoe’s NoSeam upper, which is made of synthetic leather, is light and provides maximum ventilation for added comfort. The foot won’t have to drag the shoe; it is light and flies with your every step.

Great Reviews and Ratings for the Adidas Supernova Trail

According to surveys conducted involving the users of the Adidas Supernova Trail, the shoe is one of the best running shoes designed especially for trail running.

It has been reviewed wonderfully for its size and fit as well as for the moderate and flexible support that it provides to wearers. Even the most demanding runs become a breeze with the special Supernova Trail from Adidas.

The shoe also comes in Adidas Supernova Trail for men and for women, so both male and female runners with very demanding needs will surely benefit from the Supernova Trail only from Adidas.

lot of such users have provided their reviews about this product, some even saying that this is the best trail running shoe they have ever encountered.

And as can be expected, the Adidas Supernova Trail gets great ratings.

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