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Adidas adiStar Control 5
The Ultimate Star in Motion Control Running Shoes

Whoever said that control cannot be comfortable will be proved wrong with the Adidas adiStar Control 5, a shoe that builds up your movements so you can run far and fast when you need to.

If distance and speed is what you need, this shoe can give you that and more. Sold under the adiStar line of running shoes by Adidas, this shoe is designed to take the overpronator through intense trainings, high mileage road-running, and even on races.

Overpronators are usually runners with flat feet. Flat-footed people get more movement in their feet when they run.

The tendency is for the feet to roll inwards with every step, so shoes that control motion are needed to help give the runner the stability that he needs.With such stability, it is easier for the flat-footed runner to pursue both speed and distance.The adiStar Control 5 is also available in men’s and women’s shoes to empower both male and female runners.

Both men and women with specific motion control needs will certainly love this product.

What Makes the Adidas adiStar Control 5 a Star in Shoe Reviews

adidas adistar control The Adidas Control has a few key features :

  • Motion Control of the Adidas Control
  • Syntethic Leather
  • Dry Footbead Features
  • Extreme Shoe Lightness for Its Type

1. Adistar Control Motion Control Features

What’s special about the Adidas adiStar Control 5 is its motion control features, starting with the ForMotion road-smoothing technology, which provides ample control against pronation to give you more powerful footfalls that can give you more momentum.

The additional control also provides stability and a better surface grip, which helps prevent any unexpected movements that can lead to injuries or accidents. And with a Torsion nylon midsole, the shoe allows the foot to rotate naturally for flexibility. But for maximum motion control, the adiStar Contol 5 from Adidas comes with the Pro-Moderator medial support device in the midsoles to fight against overpronation, making this an ideal companion for the flat-footed runner.

2. NoSeam Synthetic Leather Shoes

The shoe also has a NoSeam synthetic leather as well as a nylon spacer mesh uppers. These features provide maximum flow of air for comfort and breathability. This ensures that the runner is highly comfortable even when running long distances.And for greater comfort, the shoe also has a GeoFit step-in design that can fit the shoe to any feet quite perfectly.

3. Quickly Dry Footbeds

The shoe also has great maintenance features, with its removable cushioned footbeds that dry quickly.

Aside from the special footbeds, the shoe also has EVA midsoles with adiPRENE+ and a thick sockliner, which improve the efficiency of the forefoot to boost runner performance, aside from extending comfort. The adiStar Control 5 from Adidas is also topped with quality that only Adidas can provide, with the special adiWEAR outsole, so you can be sure that this shoe can handle the wear and tear wherever you take it.

4. Lightness

Best of all, the shoe is also quite light, so it won’t slow you down. In fact, it will give you enhanced performance by controlling your every step and giving you a stronger push forward.

Nothing Less Than 5-Star Ratings for the Adidas adiStar Control 5 Reviews

Combining road-smoothing technology and a comfortable step-in feel, the Adidas adiStar Control 5 gives a new meaning to running shoes. This shoe is not only geared towards performance; it can also give a luxurious, snug feel to your feet to make sure that it is pampered enough to keep on going.

And to ensure your safety despite pronation, this shoe’s motion control technology will exceed your expectations. And in fact, the shoe exceeds expectations of users and reviewers. Most review bodies and users with firsthand experience with the shoe unhesitatingly give runners a 5-star rating.

It is also reviewed as the softest motion control shoe by some experts.

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