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Adidas Supernova Cushion
The Perfect Combination Possible in Running Shoes

When it comes to cushioning shoes, the Adidas Supernova Cushion is an amazing pair of shoes that has fit and empowered the feet of so many runners around the world.

With a wide customer base, the Supernova Cushion from Adidas is expertly engineered for runners who need durable and reliable protection for their feet.

This is common for runners who have a tendency to underpronate, which means that their feet moves outwardly when they run.

This is common among runners with high-arched feet. Because of underpronation, runners experience more impact on their feet every time their feet lands with heavy impact when they run.

And since the feet have a high arch, there is more strain around the midsoles. This product is perfect for such runners because the product provides ample protection due to the durable cushioning.

A pair of this type of shoes is what you need for when you race, train, or go on a high mileage run on the road.

The shoes are designed to endure even intense trainings and road-running with their special adiWEAR rubber outsoles for extra durability.

This Supernova is indeed a perfect combination of comfort and protection. It provides you the safety that you need without hampering your moves or hurting your feet.

This is one product that can take you to the high road and won’t let you down when you get there.

Why the Adidas Supernova Cushion Is a Perfect Fit

adidas supernova cushion The Supernova Cushion from Adidas is a well-liked type of cushioning shoes because it not only protects the feet due to the cushioning.

Breathability And Momentum of Wearer

It is also crafted to fit runner’s feet comfortably and still offers breathability. And to top it all off, the shoes can increase your speed with its special ForMotion, another Adidas feature, which is known to boost the momentum of the wearer.

Both For Men And Women

Priced at under $90, the Supernova Cushion from Adidas comes in both men’s gear and women’s gear.

Both gear features GeoFit around the ankles for a snug, perfectly comfortable fit. Construction of the shoes also involves abrasion-resistant nylon mesh uppers, synthetic leather, and nylon linings.

Microbial Two-layer EVA Footbeds

The footbeds are special anti-microbial two-layer EVA footbeds. These are specially designed to dry fast and to prevent odor.

But what makes the Adidas Supernova Cushion men’s shoes and women’s shoes the extraordinary road-running that they are known to be is the special adiPRENE midsoles, added for unfailing shock absorption for high-arched feet.

Supported By Torsion system

The shoes are also supported by a Torsion system, which helps ease the natural rotation of the feet to help your feet adapt to the road you run on. These help provide complete protection for the feet, especially the heels.

The shoes are even known to improve the stability of the runner wearing it. More stabile, fully protected, and empowered, the runner wearing this pair of shoes will surely go far.

Finally, the shoes come in light grey, rave red, and iron met to fit men’s preferences and in rubia grey, indigo met, and rave pink for women.

Only the Highest Ratings for the Adidas Supernova Cushion

Wearers of the Adidas Supernova Cushion for men and women are as satisfied with the shoes as their feet are. The shoes received high ratings due to its comfortable fit, light weight, and good traction.

Users, from the casual runner to the marathon runner to the competitive athletes, all find what they need in this product.

A lot of athletes also love the shoes because of the extra boost it provides to their running speed, which is naturally very important for them.

Overall, the product received an average rating of five stars, five being the highest.

That just goes to show that this is one type of running shoes that can enrich your entire running experience.

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