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The Adidas Microbounce is one of Adidas’ premier technology footwear lines, featuring a highly unique technology that takes after the success and fame of earlier Adidas running shoe technologies. The entire Microbounce line has introduced a lot of Adidas models such as Rava, FH Incite, Kahona, Reggie, Scorch, and several others, most of which come in men’s, women’s, and even kid’s editions. All these shoes feature the same unique Microbounce heel and sole unit that runs down the entire length of the shoe for overall effectiveness.

Here are some of the best Microbounce models you can check out if you’re interested.

Top Adidas Microbounce Models

adidas microbounce Well known Adidas Microbounce models include:

  • Microbounce FH Incite – The Neutral Microbounce
  • Microbounce Rava – The Neutral/Cushion Microbounce
  • Microbounce Reggie Matrix – The Cross-Training Microbounce
  • Microbounce Kahona – The Cushioning Microbounce
  • Microbounce Scorch – The Training Microbounce

1. Microbounce FH Incite – The Neutral Microbounce

The Adidas Microbounce FH Incite is available in both men’s and ladies’ editions. The FH Incite is a great Microbounce offer for neutral-footed runners. The Microbounce heel technology offers cushioning, shock protection, and a boost of energy, but without the heavy bulk of most regular foam cushioning units. The shoe also has a fanned heel to offer you the smoothest touchdowns.

The FH Incite is also quite the comfort shoe; it features breathable mesh uppers and a lightweight perforated EVA tongue. The midsole material is also designed to anatomically adjust to your foot with its molded EVA insole. You can also take the FH Incite anywhere with its adiWEAR highly durable wear-resistant outsole.

2. Microbounce Rava – The Neutral/Cushion Microbounce

For neutral runners who require a little extra cushioning that doesn’t add to the weight of your shoes, the Adidas Microbounce Rava is exactly the type of shoe you’re looking for. Using the special and extremely light bounce cushioning technology that recycles your energy for a strong, energy-efficient, and high-performance run, the Microbounce Rava just keeps you going.

It is also equipped with the standard host of features and technologies you’ll often find in a premium Adidas running shoe, starting with breathable air mesh uppers, an anatomically molded EVA insole for midsole comfort, and a non-slip lining for a comfortable, non-irritating fit and feel. Finally, it uses adiPRENE forefoot propulsion technology and adiWEAR outsole to resist wear and tear even when used in high-wear terrain.

3. Microbounce Reggie Matrix – The Cross-Training Microbounce

Fashioned after the Cadillacs football cleats when it comes to the level of premium footwear technology employed in the construction of the shoe, the Microbounce Reggie Matrix from Adidas is one of the prestigious members of the Microbounce shoe series. Made for heavy cross-training use, the Reggie Matrix features a full-grain leather synthetic upper that offers support and breathability, plus a lace-up front for a snug fit. The Microbounce cushioning technology shields your feet from impact and recycles energy, sending you forward for yet another powerful stride with each landing. The adiWEAR rubber outsole, on the other hand, has traction patterns for good ground contact.

4. Microbounce Kahona – The Cushioning Microbounce

Designed with a focus on cushioning, the Adidas Microbounce Kahona offers the exclusive Microbounce heel technology that rebound energy to reduce the level of energy you spend with each step you take. The Microbounce Kahona’s other features include the adiWEAR traction-focused and highly durable outsole, a breathable and perfectly comfortable air mesh upper, comfortable and abrasion resistant textile lining, and a molded EVA insole for midfoot and step-in cushioning and comfort. Sporting a simple but commanding look, the Kahona is definitely ready for your next run.

5. Microbounce Scorch – The Training Microbounce

The Scorch is the Adidas Microbounce shoe designed to withstand heavy and frequent use in training. Now on its Scorch +2 edition, the Microbounce Scorch line is one of the high-end offers of the Microbounce family. It uses the same energy-rebounding heel technology that optimizes the use of energy when you run. This also ensures that the feet are perfectly comfortable and well-protected from shock with each step you take. It also has an adiWEAR outsole with special flex grooves for foot function flexibility, so the training won’t be too tough on your feet.

A Closer Look at the Adidas Microbounce Technology

The Microbounce heel technology is a full-length heel cushioning unit that uses lightweight cushion designed to return energy right back to your feet when you land on your heels with each heelstrike. As the energy in the unique bounce units is released, you get an extra boost of energy to propel you forward for a stronger, faster performance. This also helps you save on your own energy as you run, so you can go farther, faster.

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