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Running Shoes for Women
Shoes that Protect and Empower Female Runners

Running shoes for women play a very important role in the running careers of female runners. Running is a highly recommended sport for all women. It is healthy because it can exercise the entire body and promote better breathing. Women who take up running can enjoy excellent fitness and great health. Running can also help build up confidence in women as they are able to relax their minds while they run. It is also a source of pride when female runners achieve running milestones.

However, all these benefits of running for women will be in vain if women are not able to enjoy their runs. The only way to enjoy your runs without having to worry about getting into accidents that may cause injuries or about pain in your foot, ankle, knees, and thighs is to find the best running shoes for women.

A lot of women have shared which shoes they liked best, and here are the two best shoes that offer the best technologies designed with women in mind.

Running Shoes for Women: Best Running Shoe Technologies for Female Runners

  • running shoes for womenAsics Gel Kayano
  • Nike Free V4


1. Asics Gel Kayano

Who says that only men can have the best running shoes in the industry? The shoe that is commonly hailed as the best ever running shoe also offers an edition especially for women. This is the Asics Gel Kayano for women, which is now on its 16th model. This shoe is built for women who like to go far. Made extra durable, the Asics Gel Kayano is the ultimate shoe for long training runs.

Asics has reached yet another milestone that will help female runners reach their own milestones with its latest technology: the Guidance Line. This line refers to a thick groove that runs along the outsole. The Guidance Line works to improve gait efficiency and prevent stress when your foot starts feeling a little fatigued.

Asics also added a Soft Top Duomax layer to the women’s edition of the Asics Gel Kayano 16. This supportive technology features an additional pillow-soft layer of padding that makes the shoe platform feel so much more comfortable for female runners.

Aside from that, Asics also redesigned its old asymmetrical lacing system to further improve the fit of the Kayano. The women’s edition also got an additional 3 millimeters in height, which is said to protect the achilles from too much tension. With all the intuitive gender-specific features packed in the Asics Gel Kayano 16 women’s model, the shoe is hands down the first of the best running shoes for women.

2. Nike Free V4

The Nike Free technology is known to be the standout technology that changed what people used to believe about running shoes. While other shoes heaped piles and piles of cushioning, rigid support, and bulk into running shoes thinking that this will protect the feet from impact, the Nike Free technology went back to basics and try to recapture the feeling of barefoot running but with shoes on. What Nike Free does is to allow the shoe muscles to perform at full strength by giving it enough flexibility instead of constricting it. Nike also kept the Nike Free shoe series quite light to reduce discomfort and strain on the feet. Several versions of the Nike Free have been released to cater to everyday runners, cross trainers, and trail runners.

The latest version offered to women is the Nike Free 5.0 V4, which combines flexible barefoot-like running with just the right cushioning, good traction, and protective shock attenuation. The Nike Free 5.0 V4 also has a unique new upper with a great fit but a roomy toebox and very little hindrance between the toes and the ground so that your toes can grip the ground more tightly. The women’s version also comes with a gender-specific Nike Free sipes that run across the forefoot to give even more power to the toes. The unique running experience offered by the Nike Free V4 is just the right kind that a lot of women go for: flexible, lightweight, free, and fun.

Why Gender-Specific Features Matter in Running Shoes for Women

A lot of companies offer various gender-specific features that consider the special needs of female runners. Some brands raise women’s shoes a bit higher for a better cushioned feel. Some come up with female-focused support systems that can support narrower female feet. These technologies are not just there to create a separate shoe for women. They are there to provide what female feet reall need. This is why the best running shoes for women are those that have more perceptive features that consider female runners’ special needs.

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