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Nike Trail Running Shoes
Nike Gets You Ready for the Trail

Nike trail running shoes are among the best and the most highly recommended trail running shoes around. Trail running shoes cater to the more adventurous type of runners. Since trail running can take them to any area, any condition, and any weather, these runners need shoes that can not only keep up with them but also give added protection and a performance boost. Trail running shoes should be extra sturdy and extra durable. It should also have improved traction to allow you to tackle any type of terrain.

If you are about to buy a trail running shoe, check out the Nike trail running shoes. These shoes sport good traction, durable materials especially in the outsole and the upper, and thicker soles to help take you anywhere you want to go.

Here are the three best shoes that Nike offers to the lovers of extreme adventurous running.

The Top Three Nike Trail Running Shoes to Check Out

  • nike trail running shoesNike Air Pegasus 26 Trail
  • Nike Free 5.0  Trail Running Shoe
  • Nike LunarGlide+


1. Nike Air Pegasus Trail

The Nike Air Pegasus has always been a beloved shoe because it can match the specific needs of many different runners. The shoe has always been known to hit the right spot between cushioning and stability. It is also known for its durability. To offer the same deal to trail runners, Nike also released a trail version of the latest Air Pegasus+ 26, which added features to improve the traction and used materials that can withstand outside elements better.

This Nike trail running shoes comes in two material types: a mesh-based one and a goretex-based one. The Nike Air Pegasus Trail also boasts of a powerful outsole with a waffle pattern and multi-directional lugs that can give you a good grip even on soft and uneven terrains.

As a bonus, the shoe is Nike+ compatble so you can take your Nike Sensor and iPod along when you go take on the rough roads and challenge yourself.

2. Nike Free Trail Running Shoe

There are runners who particularly favor the Nike Free shoe series for its close imitation of unhindered and lightweight barefoot running. When these runners turn to trail running, they can still rely on Nike Free. But the freedom-focused shoe won’t leave them unprotected from the elements. Nike released a trail running version of the Nike Free 5.0. This rougher and tougher version still mimics barefoot running but provides a more aggressive, grooved sole that can take on the rougher roads, but still without hindering the natural movement of your foot.

The shoe also comes with more cushioning than the non-trail version, arch support from the insole, and a comfortable and breathable upper. And since it still provides the flexibility of barefoot running, this type of Nike trail running shoes has become an industry favorite.

3. Nike LunarGlide+

The previous two versions are mainstream Nike shoe models that come with trail running versions. But here’s a hear that really belongs to the family of Nike trail running shoes. The Nike LunarGlide has just been named as the Gear of the Year for this year when Outside Online conducted an evaluation of the road and trail shoes currently in the market. Nike LunarGlide+ stood out from the competition with its generous and protective padding, snug heel that helps hold your foot in place, its soft and supportive midsole, and its arch support.

The Nike LunarGlide+ comes in men’s and women’s versions to fit the special needs of as many trail runners as possible. It is, however, most ideal for neutral runners and can also be a great shoe for those who experience mild overpronation. The LunarGlide+ also takes a bit after the Nike Free shoes because it also provides enough flexibility so that the feet will not be hindered from its natural movement. Lightweight, the LunarGlide+ is one of the Nike trail running shoes that will get you gliding comfortably along even in rough terrains.

When do you need Nike trail running shoes?

There are some runners who prefer running on Nike trail running shoes even when they don’t really run rough terrains. Some people also come across roads, even gravel ones, that have a lot of small rocks along them. If you run in roads that are usually also pretty rocky, you can use trail running shoes instead of the lighter performance shoes because most trail shoes come with rock guards that small rocks don’t poke through. Sometimes, however, the small rocks and other small debris also get under the tongue of your shoe, which can provide discomfort. You can also help prevent this from happening with Nike trail running shoes.

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