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Clearance Running Shoes
Should You Buy or Not?

Clearance Running Shoes can take the heavy burden of having to buy expensive running shoes off your shoulders. Running is an extremely enjoyable sport, and one that has many health benefits as well. People also like running because it does not require equipments or tools at all. All you need, however, is a good pair of running shoes. But given the prices of running shoes these days, interested runners may also be faced with a challenge.

It’s a good thing, however, that there are clearance running shoes. This option gives you access to budget-friendly running shoes that can get you started on your new sport.

Your Questions about Clearance Running Shoes Answered!

clearance running shoes Possible questions you would have about clearance running shoes are:

  • What Should You Look For?
  • Where Should You Look?
  • Which Factors are Important?
  • Which Shoe is Best for You?

1. What Should You Look For?

Buying clearance running shoes can help you save a lot on your running shoe investment. However, don’t get so excited about the low prices of the shoes that you forget to check quality. Running shoes still do more than just allow you to run; they protect your feet from too much stress and protect you from injuries. Thus, make sure that even as you go for a cheaper-priced shoe, you still get a good quality shoe with the flexibility, cushioning, and support you need. As a recommendation, look for clearance sales that offer old, outdated models of good brand name running shoes so you still get great, trusted quality.

2. Where Should You Look?

Clearance running shoes are surprisingly widely available especially online. You can get them from sporting goods stores that offer clearance-priced items all year through or from stores that offer seasonal clearance sales from time to time.

3. Which Factors are Important?

Regardless of whether you buy expensive shoes or clearance running shoes, it is important to consider certain factors when choosing your final buy. Shoes at clearance sales are all reasonably priced, so you have to focus on other factors more when making your choice. Number one on this list is craftsmanship. This is why you should be careful about buying unbranded shoes at clearance sales. Low prices signify low-priced materials and poor craftsmanship. One advantage of looking for clearance-priced brand name items is that you don’t have to doubt the craftsmanship of these shoes.

Other important factors include the shock absorption technology of the running shoes, which will help protect your feet from the stress of running, the flexibility of the shoe or how it conforms to your feet’s movement to avoid stressing your feet out, and the support it provides to help you avoid injuries.

4. Which Shoe is Best for You?

But aside from these factors, don’t forget to choose running shoes that fit your foot type. Even though you are buying a budget-friendly running shoe, perhaps because you’re only starting out with the sport, you should still choose the right shoe from neutral, stability, and motion control running shoes.

Neutral running shoes are designed to give the right balance of support and cushioning for normal-footed runners. This means that your arch is just the right size and you experience pronation within the normal range. Thus, you just need a shoe that will support your feet’s movement and even enhance your performance.

Cushioning and stability shoes, on the other hand, offer reinforced cushioning designed to protect the impact areas in the foot, especially the midfoot area. These are ideal for runners with high arches. Since their foot arches are high, the area that hits the ground is small, and this means the impact is concentrated on that area alone. This can be quite stressful for the midfoot, so this type of feet requires shoes with added full-length cushioning. At the same time, to make sure you still run steady despite the greater cushioning, it should also offer enough stability.

Lastly, motion control shoes are for runners with low arches. Low-arched feet tend to experience higher levels of pronation, which can be dangerous and may increase the chances of causing injuries. To prevent this, you need to control the excessive movement of your feet. Motion control shoes are designed for that purpose.

Clearance Running Shoes to Keep an Eye Out For

When buying clearance running shoes, you should keep an eye out for products from top brands Asics, Nike, Adidas, and New Balance. Although these brands regularly sell at higher prices, you can find some outdated models from clearance shops. These shoes may be outdated, but there’s not much difference in craftsmanship – you still get the same trusted quality that can help you get started right.

Watch out for certain shoe series from these brands and look for older models of the existing series. Some good shoe series for neutral running shoes include the Asics Gel Kinsei, the Asics Gel Nimbus, Adidas Response Cushion, and many others. For cushioning and stability, watch out for Asics Gel Kayano, Asics Gel Cumulus, and Nike Air Pegasus shoes. For motion control, look for Nike Air Zoom Structure Triax, Brooks Beast, Adidas adiStar Control, among many others.

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