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Running Injuries
To Protect Yourself From

Running injuries are some of the scariest things for runners. These injuries can cause pain in various levels and various durations for runners, endanger their overall health and fitness, and also endanger their running careers. Nothing is more frustrating than loving a sport but not being able to do it because of an injury. Aside from your specific goal as a runner, like winning a race or achieving a certain distance, there is yet another constant goal that runners have to always go for, and that’s safe, injury-free running, and this goal haunts every runner every time he or she runs.

Save from careful training and good running form, one way of effectively protecting yourself from running injuries is to choose the right running shoes. The right shoes can provide the right amount of cushioning so that the foot won’t suffer from too much impact with every step, the right pronation control so that the foot won’t roll inwards excessively, and the right support where it’s need to keep the runner steady as he or she runs.

The Most Common and Most Frustrating Running Injuries

  • running injuriesShin splints
  • Snapping hip syndrome
  • Iliotibial band syndrome


1. Shin splints

Shin splints are very common among runners, and it is also one of the most frustrating running injuries that runners are in danger of. Shin splints, as implied by the term, is an injury that occurs in the front of the shin. This can be caused by many factors, the first and most common of which is inflammation of the sheath that surrounds the shin bone.

You’ll know you have shin splints if you experience pain in the lower shin area. This is usually felt at the beginning and towards the end of your activity, and then can go on until the following day. Sometimes, it is accompanied by some swelling or some bumps in the same area.

To treat shin splints, focus on relieving the pain and the inflammation. This can be done by giving your leg time to heal and by applying ice on the affected area. If you’ve experienced shin splints, best get a pair of running shoes with effective shock absorbers in the insoles to reduce the impact felt by the lower leg.

2. Snapping hip syndrome

Another common injury that runners may suffer is the snapping hip syndrome. This is called such because the injury is accompanied by a snapping or popping sensation in the hip area every time it is flexed. Snapping hip syndrome are caused by tendons that somehow catch on any bony prominence in the pelvis area. Some cases, however, are caused by the tearing of a cartilage in the affected area. To see what caused the problem, a runner who experienced snapping hip syndrome needs to undergo an x-ray.

For treatment of snapping hip, you can take anti-inflammatory medications and undergo therapy to get the muscles and tendons to stretch out. In extreme cases, surgery may be necessary, but this is very rare.

3. Iliotibial band syndrome

The iliotibial band syndrome is one of the running injuries that affect the iliotibial band, which is a thick fibrous tissue located at the outside of the leg and runs from the hip towards the area just below the knee. The role of the iliotibial band is to stabilize the knee joint and the thigh muscles. This running injury happens when the iliotibial band experiences irritation in the area where it crosses bones and muscles. When the said band is not able to easily glide, this causes pain that comes up every time the knee joint is moved. Pain usually worsens the longer you move, but subsides when you take a rest.

To treat this, you need to wear the right shoes. Also, apply ice to the pained area then do a couple of stretching exercises. Try to keep yourself from running for some time. Some doctors may also prescribe inflammatory medications.

The Role of Running Shoes in Treating Running Injuries

You may have noticed that most running injuries can be relieved or treated by choosing the right running shoes. This is enough proof that finding the right pair of shoes is definitely monumental to treating your injuries and also to preventing more injuries from affecting you. So make sure you get running shoes that fit you perfectly and comes with the important features to protect you from running injuries.

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