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Mens Trail Running Shoes
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Mens trail running shoes needs to be a lot of things that ordinary running shoes are not. They need to be extremely durable, instead of just durable. They need to be extra protective from shock, instead of just cushioned. They also need to be made of materials that can dispel outside elements to prevent these from affecting your feet and your performance. Aside from that, they need to provide support and cushioning in the areas where a man’s feet need it the most.

It’s not hard to find good mens trail running shoes these days. All you have to do is check out the trail running offers of top running shoe manufacturers. The top brands you can rely on for exceptional quality, high-end materials, and top of the line techology are Nike and Asics. Coincidentally, these two offers several unrelenting trail running shoe models that can take you far and rough. Here are some of these models to give you a headstart.

The Best Mens Train Running Leads in the Industry

  • mens trail runningNike Air Pegasus 26 Trail
  • Asics GT 2150 Trail
  • Nike LunarGlide


1. Nike Air Pegasus 26 Trail

The Nike Air Pegasus 26 is a bestselling Nike running shoe model, and its trail running edition for men continues the bestselling legacy. Nike uses the exact same package as the Nike Air Pegasus 26 in the trail version, but enhanced its cushioning for better shock protection and offered two different materials that can be used for the shoe.

 For example, you can choose the Gore-Tex upper or mesh upper. Both are quite reliable since they are designed not to be easily affected and ravaged even if you take your shoe to the far and rough trails. The trail outsole, which can actually be replaced by a waffle outsole if you prefer, is also durable and ready for anything. The heel is then equipped with a crash pad to catch your weight easily. The Nike Air Pegasus 26 is also gender-specific, so the men’s edition is specifically designed for the male foot.

2. Asics GT 2150 Trail

The popular Asics GT 2150 comes in an equally popular trail running version that continues the legacy started by the GT 2140 Trail. This mens trail running shoe has just about the same GT 2150 package, but it has enhanced support and cushioning features. For support, the Asics GT2150 comes with the DuoMax Support System to ensure that your foot is properly positioned to take on the road. For cushioning, it uses a Solyte midsole material that’s exceptionally lighter than the standard cushioning materials commonly used.

The special trail-oriented features of the shoe, however, begins with its trail specific outsole, which features reversed lugs that can easily tackle uphill and downhill traction regardless of the type of terrain you brave. It also comes with a Wet Grip feature on the outsole; this feature means that the outsole is made with components that allows you to get a good grip even when the surface is wet, making it indeed a true trail running shoe.

3. Nike LunarGlide

And finally, there’s the Nike LunarGlide, the tried and tested trail running shoe from Nike. The shoe successfully passed several tests on its quality and durability as a trail running gear. The shoe offers special protection in the midsole provided by two different foams, one designed to softly cushion the heel area and another harder foam to help gently but effectively prevent mild to moderate overpronation. It also comes with a plush padding inside so your foot will feel comfortable no matter how rough the road may get.

As a bonus, the LunarGlide is also very lightweight and very flexible that users say that running on it feels like they’re running on bare feet, thanks to the freedom and flexibility it affords.

Some Must-Haves in Mens Trail Running Shoes

To help you make a sure choice, you should know what an ideal mens trail running shoe should have. First, it should have a thickly padded, stiff or very supported, and reliable outsole that can withstand your heavy duty trail running activity. It should also have aggressive treads to help you grip the ground better. Third, its fabric should be breathable and resistant to outside elements such as water, dirt, dust, rocks, stones, and so on. And lastly, it should have good cushioning and support in the midsole area. These are the things you should look for in mens trail running shoes.

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