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Free Running Shoes
Nike’s Breakthrough Technology Unveiled

The Free running shoes series from Nike was developed at the wake of studies claiming that barefoot running is the most ideal type of running in terms of performance, speed, and comfort. Nike, as the world-famous innovative brand that it is, stopped at nothing to provide this exact same type of running experience to Nike-wearing runners. The technology was developed by Nike’s Tobie Hatfield and Gerard Hartmann, and soon enough, Nike had an entire collection of shoes founded on the said technology.

The Nike Free running shoes imitate the feeling of running on bare feet. Several studies showed that this type of running and the running now offered by Nike Free shoes provided freedom and flexibility for the foot to naturally glide from heel strike to toe off. It also does not constrict the foot in any way, allowing the foot muscles to gain strength.

This is definitely a breakthrough for Nike, especially considering its long tradition of producing shoes packed with as much cushioning and support as possible. The Nike Free shoes freed runners and made them more able to just enjoy the ride, and it also freed Nike from its own traditions and made it one of the most innovative running shoe brands.

The Best Nike Free Running Shoes

  • free running shoesNike Free 5.0 V4
  • Nike Free 7.0
  • Nike Free 5.0 iD


1. Nike Free 5.0 V4

The most popular model in the Nike Free shoe series is the Nike Free 5.0 V4 or 4th generation version of the Nike Free 5.0. The Nike Free 5.0 means that you are halfway between running completely barefoot and running with athletic shoes. The experience of running on the 5.0 is like running on grass. Nike has a scale of 3.0 to 10.0 upon which this numbering is based. The 3.0 is the closest to being barefoot and the 10.0 the closest to running on the regular well-supported athletic shoes.

The Nike 5.0 V4 comes with its specific upper design, which offers slight support that opens up towards the toes to give the toes enough space to flex and get a good natural grip on the ground. The V4 also comes with a bit of added traction and cushioning protection under the foot than the 3.0. It then uses an asymmetrical lacing system to add support over the top of the foot. But to make sure that you don’t feel constricted, the shoe has a molded sockliner that imitates the curve of the foot.

All in all, the shoe is lightweight but everything in it is planned and significant to the overall experience you get out of running on the shoe. This is the current bestselling Nike Free running shoes in the market, and you won’t regret trying to find out why.

2. Nike Free 7.0 V2

The latest shoe in the Nike Free running shoes series is the Nike Free 7.0 V2. Of course, Nike creates shoes not just for the technology itself but for the consumers. So it created the Nike Free 7.0 for the runners who appreciate the idea of barefoot running but who aren’t willing to make much of the sacrifice on support that came with the freer models such as the Nike Free 3.0 and Nike Free 5.0. Here comes a shoe that is closer to wearing a shoe with the support it offers but still provides the freedom and flexibility of going barefoot, especially with its being almost completely weightless.

The Nike Free 7.0 V2 uses breathable mesh upper with soft overlays, an almost seamless construction to prevent chafing, an asymmetrical lacing system for a good fit, a molded sockliner that yields to your foot shape, a Phylite midsole with the Nike Free sipes, and a rubber waffle outsole for traction.

3. Nike Free 5.0 iD
Nike also has a special offer for the fans of the Nike Free running shoes, and that’s the iD version. The Nike Free 5.0 V4 iD is the bestselling Nike Free shoe made customizable. The Nike iD technology allows you to customize your shoe and mark it with different personal IDs for the left and the right shoe. This way, the shoe really gives you the freedom to get the shoes you want.

A Short Background on Nike Free Running Shoes

Aside from the abovementioned running shoe models under the Nike Free line, Nike has also released other versions of the shoe for running. There’s the Nike Free 5.0, 5.0 V2, 5.0 V3, the Nike Free 4.0, the Nike Free 3.0 and 3.0 V2, the Nike Free Everyday, and the Nike Free Everyday+ 2. Aside from Nike Free running shoes, Nike Free also offers Free cross training and trail running shoes.

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