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Ladies Running Shoes
Shoes that Take Women’s Needs Seriously

Ladies running shoes require a different build from mens running shoes. Ladies who want to enjoy running should get a good running shoe if she wants to make the best out of her experience. After all, women do have unique foot shapes and their foot muscles can be a bit more sensitive than men’s. So running may not be an easy feat without the right shoes that can protect them, help them, boost their confidence, and enhance their performance. This will help her get the best benefits of running.

There are a lot of shoes designed for women, but there are some that strike out in terms of features and technologies, comfort and fit, and designs that appeal to women. These shoes also provide gender-specific features that help women run their best by providing their feet with the support they need where they need it.

Can’t seem to decide which ladies running shoes are the best for you? Here are some of the most ideal running shoes for women.

Ladies Running Shoes with the Feminine Touch

  • ladies running shoesWomen’s Asics Gel Cumulus for cushioning and stability
  • Women’s Brooks Adrenaline GTS for motion control
  • Women’s Nike Zoom Vomero+ for premium cushioning


1. Women’s Asics Gel Cumulus for cushioning and stability

The Asics Gel Cumulus series has always been a classic favorite since it entered the scene 12 years ago. And now, on its 12th year, the Asics Gel Cumulus offers women the chance to enjoy running and focus on their performance by offering women a shoe that takes care of their feet and keeps them steady. Packed with features focused on cushioning and stability, the Asics Gel Cumulus 12 now has a very soft and comfortable platform, a very lightweight midsole cushioning system, a breathable upper, and a DuraSponge outsole in the forefoot for excellent cushioning combined with durability but trimmed down in weight.

Aside from that, the main technologies employed in the production of this shoe is the Impact Guidance System that guides the shoe from heel strike to toe off, the Space Trusstic System that allows the midsole to flex and deform freely so running is efficient, the AHAR heel plag that takes you even through rough areas, and the PHF or Personal Heel Fit to make sure that the shoe fits the unique curves and the heel of the ladies foot.

2. Women’s Brooks Adrenaline GTS for motion control

Brooks is another well-known running shoe manufacturer, and it also offers a ladies version of one of its best shoes, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS. The Brooks Adrenaline GTS recently won the Best Update award for its latest edition. This ladies running shoes offer is excellent for women who suffer from overpronation, thanks to its signature Progressive Diagonal Rollbar triple-density post. Other retained features include the famous Adrenaline shape and last as well as the HydroFlow cushioning technology focused on the forefoot and the heel.

Some features were improved, though, such as the materials and the construction of the upper to provide it with a fit that conforms better to the shape of a woman’s foot, the asymmetrical upper overlays that securely captures the arch of a female runner, a better crash pad in the heel area, and an increased heel bevel that helps slow down overpronation.

3. Women’s Nike Zoom Vomero+ for premium cushioning

If you want a shoe that gives top priority to cushioning, then the Nike Zoom Vomero+ is the shoe for you. This shoe model from Nike has become an iconic cushioning shoe with its very protective and very luxurious full-length cushioning and the comfortable ride that comes with it. Believe it or not, this shoe just offers 360 degrees of comfort with the Nike Zoom cushioning units providing extra protection for the heel and forefoot.

Some of the other great benefits of the Nike Zoom Vomero+ is the newly designed crash pad, a more padded forefoot, reflective elements for low-light running conditions, open-mesh very breathable uppers, a soft sockliner that fits the shape of a female foot perfectly, and deep flex grooves and traction patterns for an inspired ground contact.

Lading Running Shoes: The Hunt for Gender-Specific Features

There are a lot of ladies running shoes that come with gender-specific features. There are certain components in the shoes that are especially designed with women in mind, to differentiate running shoes for women from running shoes for men. The rise of these gender-specific features began when several studies unveiled many significant differences in the running styles, foot shapes, and foot movements of men and women. These features aim to maximize performance. In buying ladies running shoes, choose those that come with gender-specific features.

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