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Nike LunarGlide
A Whole New Foot Science

The Nike LunarGlide is a recently introduced running shoe from Nike. The shoe was innovatively brainstormed as it now has one of the most advanced set of features to appear on a running shoe. Mild undepronators used to have to choose between stability shoes or cushioning shoes, but with the new LunarGlide running shoe from Nike, runners are done with the choosing. All they need is one shoe: the Nike LunarGlide.

The shoe is especially designed so as to adapt to each runner’s individual feet and thus makes necessary adjustments based on what the runner needs.

What Makes Nike LunarGlide Special?

Special features of a Nike LunarGlide include:

  • Nike LunarGlide Dynamic Support
  • LunarLite Cushioning System
  • Flywire Technology

1. Nike LunarGlide Dynamic Support

The Dynamic Support System is a new and highly innovative technology released by Nike. It is currently pending patent approval. This system refers to an overall structural design concept that already encompasses the shoe’s cushioning and stability features. The special system is greatly adaptable to the natural gait of a runner, so that every step will be supported by ample cushioning and steadied by effective stability features.

nike lunarglideThis system is a breakthrough in the industry because with the Dynamic Support, runners no longer have to choose between stability and cushioning. Now, they can have the best of both worlds, and in the correct levels, too. The Dynamic Support System also goes on to include the microfiber synthetic overlays featured in the shoe. These overlays are surprisingly strong even though they are made from soft materials. The overlays are seamlessly and ultrasonically fused into position to avoid causing irritation.

To add to that, the gender-specific sockliner made of extra resilient foam is also part of the Dynamic Support System. The sockliner functions as a footbed that provides unmatched step-in comfort.

2. LunarLite Cushioning System

The LunarLite Cushioning System is a two-part system that works in conjunction with the Dynamic Support system. The LunarLite system features a two-part foam, one foam carrier on the outside and a core made of lighter foam on the inside. The system also involves an encapsulated wedge in the rearfoot section that provides support where and at what level it is needed.

The LunarLite system was initially introduced in 2008, just in time for the Beijing Olympics. It was introduced as one of the features in the LunaRacer+ and LunarTrainer+ running shoe models. Since then, it has become a genuinely effective cushioning system that works in two ways. First, it helps provide a soft and cushioned feel even as the feet hits the ground; thus, impact is well-absorbed and the feet are well-protected. At the same time, the cushioning also provides great energy return much like a trampoline, so your feet takes off with greater force and momentum for an enhanced performance.

3. Flywire Technology

The Nike LunarGlide also benefits from another important running footgear technology that Nike has come up with. The relatively new Flywire technology was introduced along with the LunarLite system during the 2008 Beijing Olympics. The system involves special Flywire threads integrated into the Nike LunarGlide’s upper. With such a simple technology, Nike significantly reduces the weight of the shoe without sacrificing stability.

The Flywire technology is now used in a wide variety of athletic shoes such as running shoes and basketball shoes due to its effectiveness and practicality.

Gender Specific Nike LunarGlide Features

The Nike LunarGlide is available in both men’s and women’s editions. One of the reasons why you can be sure this shoe can be trusted when it comes to foot science is that it is extremely gender-specific down to the very last details.

For example, the Nike LunarGlide features the Dynamic Fit technology in its women’s edition. This involves a stretchy material that is strategically positioned adjacent to a foot’s big toe. The idea is that the material will stretch and provide extra space when it is necessary, depending on the width of the wearer’s foot. This is because some women have broad forefeet. In some cases, this often leads to abrasion and discomfort.

Aside from that, it places softer foam under the heel area in the women’s edition and adds more flexibility to the forefoot area. This is because women tend to weight around 15% less than a man despite similar physical stature, so mass width is also lesser.

Now out in the market, the Nike LunarGlide promises a whole new world of foot science that just proves, once more, that Nike is the ultimate leader in footgear innovation.

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