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Nike Air Max Moto
Reinforced Cushioning During Your Runs

The Nike Air Max Moto is a supreme cushioning offer from top brand Nike. The 6th edition of the Air Max Moto has been released and much to most runners’ delight, the shoe is as great as ever. The sockliner in the rearfoot section then curves up smoothly and traces the back of your foot. In the process, the heel is locked into its position, providing good stability for the critical heel area even as the rest of the feet are perfectly cushioned.

As before, the shoe offers an almost luxurious level of cushioning, making the shoe comfortable and a renowned favorite among runners.

The Features behind the Nike Air Max Moto

Features of a Nike Air Max Moto include:

  • Air Sole Heel Cushioning
  • Zoom Air Forefoot Cushioning
  • Semi-Rigid Sockliner
  • Open Mesh Upper
  • Durable Outsole
  • Nike+ Technology

1. Air Sole Heel Cushioning

The Nike Air Max Moto features reinforced cushioning that offers a soft and protected feel. The primary feature that builds the foundation for the Air Max Moto series is the durable and bouncy Cushlon midsole. This midsole material comes with a special Air Sole unit located in the heel area to provide maximum cushioning and protection for the vulnerable impact area of the heel.

nike air max moto2. Zoom Air Forefoot Cushioning

The Air Max Moto borrowed the Zoom Air feature from Nike. The specific feature makes an appearance in the Air Max Moto’s forefoot area. The Zoom Air cushioning provides effective shock absorption and proper distribution of the impact the shoe and the feet receive.

3. Semi-Rigid Sockliner

The Air Max Moto’s new semi-rigid sockliner is a great update to the latest edition of the shoe. This special sockliner material provides a comfortable and snug fit to properly cradle the foot without causing restriction or cushiness.

4. Open Mesh Upper

The Air Max Moto features an open mesh upper that allows continuous airflow of cool and refreshing air, thus preventing the accumulation of heat and humidity within the shoe. The upper then comes with synthetic support panels. Overall, the upper construction effectively keeps the foot in its proper position by locking down the midfoot and providing a great snug fit and feel.

5. Durable Outsole

The Nike Air Max Moto uses a special BRS 1000 carbon rubber outsole in the heel area, which is connected to the Duralon outsole of the forefoot. The reason why a different material was used for the forefoot was that that specific area needed a more flexible material so the foot can naturally flex during the critical stage at takeoff. The forefoot Duralon material is also geared with deep flex grooves that are styled and positioned to follow the deep natural motion of the human feet.

6. Nike+ Technology

Do you want to monitor your run in real time? Well, with the Nike Air Max Moto and the Nike+ technology, users can already check how near or how far along they still are from their goals. The shoe itself is connected to the Nike+ device, which is then connected to the user’s iPod, which will then disseminate such information to the runner itself so he or she can track his speed and moves.

The package of the Nike Air Max Moto comes with a Nike+ device that you can place under the sockliner. From that position, Nike+ keeps track of your pace and distance traveled in what amount of time. This will help tell you whether you’ve reached your goal or still need to go faster and harder. Aside from that, the sensor also feeds you the number of calories that are burned. This new technology can be particularly helpful for those who are exercising or running to reduce their weight.

Who Needs the Nike Air Max Moto?

The Nike Air Max Moto is a highly recommended choice for runners who have high foot arches and tend to be prone to underpronation. The significant level of cushioning in the shoe can catch the foot’s high arch and protect the impact areas in the midfoot, thus correcting the problems caused by underpronation. This, however, is quite flexible since it can also be used by people with neutral feet but who prefers to have added cushioning.

The Air Max Moto is also ideal for runners who train on a daily basis. Due to its durability, the shoe can be used often in rigorous training, and you can expect it to continue working hard to support your performance all throughout your workout or run.

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