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Asics Gel Running Shoes
The Gel Technology that Made Asics’ Name

Asics Gel Running Shoes are undoubtedly a dominant group of running shoes in the industry’s cream of the crop. These are running shoes that feature Asics’ revolutionary and extremely popular Gel technology. A lot of Asics running shoe models can be found on top of reviewed lists, and most of the time, the Asics shoes belong to the Gel technology series.

The Asics Gel Technology is a special Gel cushioning system around which Asics running shoe business has centered for the past two decades. Considered as Asics’ key technology, the Gel cushioning system is built into a long line of Asics Gel running shoes in varying levels to make neutral, cushioning, and motion control shoes adaptable to their very purpose.

The technology features a gel-based material that is placed within the midsole of Asics running shoes. This works by absorbing the shock your feet receive with every step. The Gel technology was developed based on the biomechanical structure of the feet and appears in various shapes, sizes, and densities to fit the different constructions of the various Asics Gel running shoes.

Here are some of the running shoes from Asics that feature the Gel technology.

Top Asics Gel Running Shoes

asics gel running shoes The best Asics Gel running shoes are:

  • Asics Gel Kayano 15
  • Asics Gel Nimbus 11
  • Asics Gel Cumulus 11
  • Asics Gel Evolution 5

1. Asics Gel Kayano 15

The Asics Gel Kayano series, now on its 15th update, is probably the most popular and widely loved Asics running shoe coming from the Gel series. The shoe is said to be very comfortable, while also offering a great performance. The shoe uses the responsive and durable Gel cushioning technology supported by a Solyte midsole material.

Aside from the Gel cushioning unit, it also has an Impact Guidance System, which offers stability, plus an asymmetrical lacing design that ensures a snug fit. Despite this snug fit, your feet won’t feel locked in and irritated thanks to the biomorphic fit upper with ComforDry sockliner to ensure comfort and breathability. The memory foam at the heel also offers a Personal Heel Fit for better stability.

2. Asics Gel Nimbus 11

Another constant in top lists and reviews, the Asics Gel Nimbus 11 has been the top and the most popular cushioning shoe of Asics, and this is because of none other but the Gel Nimbus series. With its 11th edition out, the Gel Nimbus continues its tradition of achieving a balance of cushioning and support in one sleek running shoe package.

Featuring the same Gel cushioning technology behind the Gel Kayano, the Nimbus 11 provides sound cushioning in the important but vulnerable impact areas. But to make sure that even with great cushioning, you won’t get a cushy ride, the shoe also provides the Impact Guidance System, an important technology that keeps the feet steady as it moves from heel strike to toe off. It also has a Space Trusstic System that guides efficient function of the foot, plus the unique asymmetrical lacing design for an enhanced fit.

3. Asics Gel Cumulus 11

Then there’s the Asics Gel Cumulus 11, another well-recognized running shoe in the Asics Gel running shoes category. Designed to have a superior cushioning unit for a soft fit and feel, the Gel Cumulus series is all about comfort. It comes with the Gel technology, a lightweight but soft midsole, a special upper that keeps the foot in place despite the soft cushioning beneath but without causing irritation with its stitch-less construction.

4. Asics Gel Evolution 5

Those looking for superior motion control should still check out Asics Gel running shoes. Not because the Gel technology is known as a cushioning technology, it already means there is no running shoe for the motion control runner in this line. As mentioned, the Gel technology is used in various ways and levels, which means it can be customized to fit any type of shoe and the cushioning is placed only where it is needed.

This is exactly the case with the Asics Gel Evolution 5, which can control pronation and deliver optimum support without making the shoe heavy and without compromising comfort. The Gel cushioning system ensures that the shoe still provides good shock protection and just the right level of cushioning for a soft fit and feel. Other features include the Space Trusstic System, the Impact Guidance System, and the AHAR+ PHF for more control against pronation. It also has a Biomorphic Fit upper, a Stability Cradle, a DuoMax support system, and ComforDry Sockliner.

Asics Gel Running Shoes for All Runners

The Asics Gel running shoes may be centered on the excellent cushioning technology of Asics Gel. However, it is not a cushioning-only shoe series. It also offers neutral, stability, and motion control shoes by coming up with the right blend of neutral, stability, or motion control features combined with the Gel technology.

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