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Motion Control Running Shoes
Understanding Overpronation and What Your Flat Feet Need

Motion Control Running Shoes are the ideal shoes for runners with flat feet or feet with low arches. Every person has a different foot structure, and if your foot structure is flat, this can lead to some complications when you run. Flat feet are easy to distinguish; for example, observe your footprint. If there is no empty space on one side between the heel and the forefoot, this means you have virtually no arch and thus, you have flat feet.

In people with flat feet, the tendency is that their feet tend to roll inwards a lot each time they walk or run. The feet naturally pronates, or rolls, with every step, but for people with flat feet, the rolling motion is in excess, causing overpronation, a problem faced by flat-footed runners. The end effect of this is that the inner surface of the feet gets excessive stress, and this also leads to stress on the entire lower leg portion of the body.

Runners would need shoes that can correct this problem so they will be protected from the stress of impact on the feet and leg. These shoes are called motion control running shoes. These are shoes that employ special materials and technologies specifically to prevent the excessive movement of the feet. Here are the five best motion control running shoes in the market.

The Top 5 Motion Control Running Shoes

motion control running shoes Best motion control running shoes include:

  • Asics Gel Evolution 5
  • Brooks Beast 10
  • Saucony ProGrid Stabil CS 6
  • Asics Gel Foundation 8
  • Nike Zoom Nucleus MC+

1. Asics Gel Evolution 5

The Asics Gel Evolution 5 of the Asics Maximum Support category has three advantages when it comes to motion control running shoes. First, it employs a highly effective maximum motion control Impact Guidance Control and DuoMax Support System that supports the feet through its heel to toe transition. Second, it is one of the best-looking motion control shoes around. Finally, it provides just the right level of cushioning to keep you comfortable, thanks to its gender-specific Space Trusstic fit, Solyte midsole, and SpEVA cushioning.

2. Brooks Beast 10

The Brooks Beast 10 is a well-known motion control runners’ choice, especially for runners who have large and heavy builds. The orthotics-adaptable shoe provides a durable maximum-support system and equally long-lasting cushioning for that much-needed comfort. This shoe is where performance and comforts meet, and it even uses eco-friendly materials such as its BioMoGo biodegradable midsole material.

3. Saucony ProGrid Stabil CS 6

The Saucony Grid Stabil is a very popular motion control shoe because it uses a unique motion control system that employs a rearfoot grid system in the CS Zone that provides a stable support for the foot. It also keeps you steady with an arch-lock midfoot fit. For cushioning, you benefit from the dual-density SSL EVA midsole, Heel ProGrid with Respon-Tek, and SRC Impact Zone forefoot cushioning that can protect your feet effectively from impact. And for comfort, you get breathable, moisture-resistant, and anti-microbial Comfortride insole. This 6th edition in the ProGrid Stabil series of Saucony has been recognized as the Best Update by Runner’s World.

4. Asics Gel Foundation 8

The Asics Gel Foundation 8 continues the unswerving maximum motion control offered by the Gel Foundation series. The 8th edition features a newly designed post for more affective motion control and a wider base to accommodate more runners’ feet. Its upper is also enhanced and more toe-room was added for a more comfortable feel.

5. Nike Zoom Nucleus MC+

The Nike Zoom Nucleus MC+ is a relatively new motion control offer from Nike, but already it has achieved popularity for its excellent motion control performance. To control overpronation, the Zoom Nucleus MC+ securely fits around the midfoot and employs a special arch bridge and deep flex grooves in the outsole for a smooth stride. To provide shock protection, it uses the forefoot Nike Zoom technology and an articulated Air-Sole unit in the heel.

Why You Must Buy Motion Control Running Shoes

Runners with flat feet should definitely exert effort into finding special motion control running shoes that fit their feet and needs. Overpronation can put you at risk of injuries especially if you are running for speed. The injuries associated with overpronation include shin splints, anterior compartment syndrome, plantar fasciitis, tarsal tunnel syndrome, bunions, patella-femoral pain syndrome, and Achilles tendonitis. This is why if you have flat feet, you simply cannot use shoes that do not provide motion control.

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