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Best Running Shoes for Women
Finding A Woman’s Ultimate Running Companion

The best running shoes for women should come with many special characteristics that will make it the perfect match for female runners. Female runners have more requirements when it comes to running shoes than male runners. Women’s feet have a more unique shape and distinct curve. The best running shoes for women should then be able to follow this distinct shape and provide cushioning and padding in all the right nooks and crannies. Female feet also tend to be narrower and so need an additionally snug fit. Aside from that, female runners need better flexibility so it will not cause them any strain to transition from heel strike to toe off.

Running is a great sport that can help women stay in their best shape. But since they have more needs, they need to be more careful in choosing the running shoes that will be their companion while they run. To make it easier for you to find your perfect running shoes, here’s a short list of the best running shoes for women of varying foot types.

The Best Running Shoes for Women of All Foot Types

  • best running shoes for womenAsics Gel Nimbus Women’s for Female Neutral Runners
  • Brooks Addiction for Female Overpronators
  • New Balance 1064 for Female Underpronators


1. Asics Gel Nimbus Women’s for Female Neutral Runners

The Asics Gel Nimbus is available in a men’s and women’s version. This shoe offers a good mix of cushioning and stability with its Gel cushioning and Impact Guidance System. The latest edition features a new Guidance Line to provide better flexibility with each gait. The women’s version was also recently raised 3 more millimeters to help prevent tension in the achilles.

Several gender-specific features are also found in the Gel Nimbus. The forefoot cushioning in the women’s shoe has a lower density to make it more comfortable for female runners. It also has an injected Solyte layer on top of a platform cushion to yield to the unique shape of a female foot better. The Asics Gel Nimbus also comes with Asics’ gender specific Space Trusstic System, which controls arch deformation but adjusts to the periodic changes that occur in the shape of a female runner’s foot. These perceptive features help make this the best running shoes for women with neutral feet.

2. Brooks Addiction for Female Overpronators

Overpronating female runners need a motion control shoe that not only controls the excessive movement of their feet but also considers the special curves of a woman’s foot. The Brooks Addiction 8 for women comes in different widths such as regular, wide D, narrow, and wide E to consider the different sizes of various female runners’ feet.

The Brooks Addiction controls pronation by providing ample support for low arches. The shoe also guides a runner through her gait while keeping her foot sturdy and correcting overpronation using the Linear Platform and the Progressive Diagonal Rollbar. Then the shoe tops it off with a balanced amount of cushioning to keep sensitive female feet protected and comfortable, and this is supported by a new midsole compound for a durable, long-lasting soft feel, MoGo cushioning, and an Internal Support Saddle.

3. New Balance 1064 for Female Underpronators

Female underpronators looking for the best running shoes for women will find the conclusion to their search with the New Balance 1064. This is New Balance’s best cushioning shoe designed to provide a comfortable cushioned ride for female runners who need maximum shock absorption for their high-arched feet. The shoe’s cushioning technology is the Abzorb FL midsole and the N-ergy heel cushion. And to keep foot steady, the shoe comes with a Lockdown Liner in the lacing system. For comfort, New Balance tops the package off with breathable synthetic overlays. This combination makes the New Balance 1064 the best running shoes for women.

The Best Running Shoes for Women: Understanding Your Foot Type

So when you’re ready to invest in good running shoes, find the best running shoes for women by examining your specific needs as a female runner. Also, remember that the rule for choosing shoes for the three types of feet still applies. The three types of feet are overpronators, underpronators, and neutral feet. Overpronators refer to those who are flat-footed. This type of feet needs more stability and support. Underpronators refer to those who have high-arched feet. This type of feet falls harder, so they need more cushioning. Lastly, there are a lot of neutral running shoes around, which offer a bit of both stability and cushioning for those whose feet are neutral. Without understanding this, you will be unable to find the best running shoes for women.

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