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Best Running Shoes for Supination
Running Shoes that Can Correct Supination or Underpronation

The best running shoes for supination are shoes that provide premium cushioning, just a bit of stability to keep runners steady without making their every step more rigid, and a lot of flexibility. Before you can find the best shoe for you, you first have to understand what supination is and how it occurs. Each time you run, when your foot touches the ground, it has to rotate inwards a bit so that the entire foot absorbs the shock and so that the runner can push off from the ground. Supination, however, occurs in the case of runners with high-arched feet. Since they have very high arches, the foot does not roll inwards enough, so the entire foot does not touch the ground.

The implication of this is that the impact is mostly centered on the heel and the foot does not get enough rebound energy. This means the runner has to exert more effort with every takeoff from the ground, and his foot receives greater impact. Aside from that, they become vulnerable to shin splints and ankle strains.

So remember, the formula is this: excellent cushioning, flexibility (especially in the midsole area), and just a hint of stability. Here are the best running shoes for supination that have mastered that formula.

The Best Running Shoes for Supination – Mastering the Supination Correction Formula

  • best running shoes for supinationNike Free 5.0 V4
  • Asics Gel Cumulus 12
  • New Balance 755


1. Nike Free 5.0 V4

The Nike Free shoes took the running world by storm. The shoe is reminiscent of runing champions who won marathons on barefoot. Nike decided to create a shoe that mimics the feel and freedom of running on bare feet. The shoe’s cushioning, provided by soft foam under the forefoot and heel and a Phylite midsole, makes you feel like you’re running on soft earth. These materials are durable and very lightweight, so the supinating runner also does not get any more strained. It also features the trademark Nike Free sipes to improve flexibility while keeping the runner stable.

The Nike Free V4 also guides the foot through its natural gait movement, so even the supinator can get a good stride. This is considered as one of the best running shoes for supination.

2. Asics Gel Cumulus 12

The Asics Gel Cumulus is yet another renowned Asics shoe. The series has released its 11th edition, and has continued its non-traditional approach to solving running shoe problems, especially for supinators.

Asics Gel Cumulus balances the formula with its excellent cushioning provided by a lightweight and durable Solyte midsole and the exclusive Twist Gel cushioning system that absorbs shock better. The Twist Gel technology is also designed to provide an added push off the surface to reduce the effort needed by the runner. For stability, it features the Impact Guidance System that allows the foot to go through its natural gait but offers stability support in only the areas necessary.

If you want one of the best running shoes for supination and you want one from Asics, this is definitely your option.

3. New Balance 755

The next best shoes for underpronate runners is the New Balance 755. Having a New Balance running shoe is a monumental step for any serious runner. But for an underpronate runner, there is no better New Balance cushioning shoe than the 755. Aside from being a cushioned shoe, the 755 is also a trainer which means it can take long runs and high mileage with no problem at all. It has better shock absorption from the ABZORB cushioning in the heel and forefoot. It also comes with a compression molded EVA in the midsole and carbon rubber in the outsole. Stability is also lessened but maintained at a low level so that the feet will not be constrained, but will still be steady.

Best Running Shoes for Supination: What to Stay Away from

It could get quite confusing to choose the best running shoes for supination. Aside from remembering the formula for supination corrective shoes, you should also take note of some no-no’s during your search. For example, a shoe that provides great stability or even just a hint of motion control is definitely not a good shoe for an underpronator. High-arched feet are already too rigid when they take strides, so adding more stability will make it harder for you to run.

Also, take note of the midsole. This area should not be hard and unresponsive. Stay away from dual-density and triple-density midsoles.

Keep these reminders in mind so you can find the best running shoes for supination.

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