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Best Running Shoes Ever
The Top Three Running Shoe Legends

The best running shoes ever are still making waves in the running shoe world. Every serious runner needs a dependable shoe they can always rely on. Some of the best running shoes are like that. They come one edition after another without losing their secret touch, which made them some of the industry’s best in the first place. These are the shoes that have been hailed as the best running shoes ever.

The running shoe industry is full of names that stand out among the competition due to their world-class products and world-renowned expertise in the field. But since competition is stiff, even the best shoes of some of the best companies don’t make it to the top three best shoes ever created for runners. Considering that the number of running shoe models in battle these days has grown quite large, making it to the top three in the list is really an extraordinary feat.

If you are a serious runner and you want nothing but the best, not only today but the best ever, then these are the shoes you should be looking at.

The Top Three Best Running Shoes Ever

  • best running shoes everAsics Gel Kayano
  • Nike Air Pegasus
  • Asics Gel Nimbus


1. Asics Gel Kayano

Who does not know that Asics Gel Kayano is one of the best running shoes ever created? Every runner probably already knows that the Gel Kayano is a legend in the industry. The shoe is now on its 16th year, and each year it just keeps getting better. This shoe is most suitable for use in training and high mileage runs with its Gel-based durable cushioning and an extra focus on stability.

The 14th and 15th editions featured Asics’ special Impact Guidance System that uses linked componentry to guide the foot through its natural gait as well as the Gender Specific Space Trusstic System which adapts to the shape of the owner’s foot.

Now, the 16th edition comes with even better features, starting with the Guidance Line, a vertical flex groove that runs along the progression line to make each gait more efficient. Then there’s the updated injected Solyte forefoot cushioning unit, which is also different for the men’s edition and the women’s edition; the women’s edition has a lower density in consideration of a woman’s foot shape. Two other major additions are the Plus 3 and the Soft Top DuoMax. The Plus 3 raises the women’s edition 3 more millimetres to better protect women from Achilles tension. The Soft Top DuoMax makes the shoe more comfortable without sacrificing gait efficiency. With each edition, the Gel Kayano just proves that it is one of the best running shoes ever.

2. Nike Air Pegasus

Now on its 26th edition, the Nike Air Pegasus leaves no doubt in runners’ minds that it is one of the best running shoes ever. Popularly patronized and continuously appreciated, the Nike Air Pegasus continues to provide much-needed cushioning to runners with high-arched feet. Nike still designs the Air Pegasus with training and long distance running in mind, so durability is still top priority.

 To help you conserve energy as you run, the shoe provides an extra responsive ride. To help protect the rest of your body despite long distances, the shoe comes with a special air-sole unit, which is one of Nike’s special technologies.    

3. Asics Gel Nimbus

Asics has one of the largest collection of running shoes in the market, but there are some standout names such as the Gel Kayano. The Gel Nimbus, for one, follows closely behind. The shoe has been around for ten years, and up until now, it is still hailed as one of the most ingenious creations of Asics.

Asics has updated the Gel Nimbus with the Guidance Line similar to what was added to the Gel Kayano. Some of the other additions are also similar, such as the special forefoot cushioning, the additional 3mm height on the women’s edition, and the asymmetrical lacing system for better fit. However, the Gel Nimbus also features discrete and strategically located eyelets that help to distribute lace tension better, so you get a good fit with no effects on comfort.

Other Candidates for the Best Running Shoes Ever

Haven’t found what you’re looking for? If you have special needs that the top three best running shoes ever just can’t meet, then you can check out the other candidates for the bestselling running shoes. For stability cushioning, check out the Asics Cumulus. If you want good cushioning paired with excellent traction and less foot transition hindrance, there’s the Nike Free V4. These shoes are also included in the list of the best running shoes ever.

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